Wtf Tuesday

I’ve had about three hours sleep. A call at 9am.

Tuesday is very much looking like a case of the cost benefit analyses.


Morning tilty, morning DiS, happy birthday Tony Hawk, and happy Saint Andrea the First Day in Georgia :georgia:

Might make sure all my socks are paired correctly. After that I’ll have a good stare.


:wave: :wave: :wave:

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Enjoyed reading this knowingly pointless piece

Also this is great I think

(They are maybe actually 35% the band Yes in terms of sound, I reckon.)

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-1°c on the way into work. It’s May FFS!!

Umm, today could be classed as my Friday. I’m off tomorrow, so yeah, let’s call it Friday. Got a lot to do at work this morning, so better crack on

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Are you normally having to work in the office in these pandemic times or have they dragged you back in on the back of Boris throwing caution to the winds?

Always have been shop based. So yeah, #keyworker #givemealltheapplausemate


:wave: wassuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup?

Also Tony Hawks.

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Good morning all,

Only one call today which is :+1: but there’s a shitload to do including using the worst websites in the world to pull reports, so on balance probably a :-1:

I think you’ll find the polls function is quite a nice way of asking questions.

So tired. Silly baby chatting away to herself at 5:30. Coffee please.

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Something at work is doing my tree in. Hope I can get it sorted today.

Morning everyone

Still in bed, today is my Monday. At least it’s not windy anymore.

Morning. Switched my emails off at 8 last night; switched them back on at 7 this morning. I’ve had about 12 emails in that time, and a slew of emails since. I’m really not feeling my best :frowning:

Fucking kill me, cba.

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Not only did I do some solo exercise (skipping, I’m still totally shit at it) but I managed to convince R to do some yoga as well (the Cosmic Yoga pokémon one, thanks @fappable).

Probably going to be awful from here but at least I did something today which makes a change.


Hoo boy let’s do this thing! Got a bunch of stuff to be sorting out, half completed tasks everywhere like spilled cornflakes. Feeling sort of energised right now so I’d better make use of it. Best Tuesday wishes to all


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day