Wtf Tuesday

Assuming we’re not counting cupboard doors and loft hatches, just seven. (Front and back, kitchen, bathroom, three bedrooms).

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there is not an actual coop radio station its just a satellite station put together by mood music. there are regional variations for news then localised segments for in store deals.

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that’s disappointing but to be expected I suppose

i’d kill to walk round a wilko right now :frowning:

Not sure work have noticed that I’ve stopped doing anything at all

So an update on my slipper story (look we’re in fucking lockdown so any story is better than nothing).

Ordered slippers for wife. Didn’t turn up. After I chased a second time (after a respectful 18 days or so) they apologised said they would resend as DHL had lost a lot of parcels. They offered me a free pair as compensation. Yesterday we received both those pairs. Today we received another pair (24 days after ordering). Is that it or will slippers keep arriving at regular intervals?


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People who make guitar tutorials on YouTube where the song and their guitar is tuned to Eb and yet they still refer to e.g. the fifth fret of the lowest pitch string as A and not Ab

  • Scum
  • Angels
  • What?

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Very busy day, thanks for asking


Since we’re giving boring updates, my fridge now seems to be freezing things on certain shelves but not others :woman_shrugging:

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You should switch the shelves around to see if it’s the position in the fridge or the actual shelf that’s doing it. For science. It’s not like you’ve got anything better to do, is it.

I’m already doing experiments with ice packs and little cups of water. Expect the data in a peer reviewed journal any day now


Looking forward to your rant about reviewer 3 being an absolute cunt.

Why, have you been assigned?

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:grimacing: :grimacing: :grimacing:

Who do you want to play you in the smash hit film adaptation?

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That’s standard surely, like if you have a capo on 5th fret you’d say play a G chord not play a C chord and expect them to play the G shape

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Should just refer to it as the fifth fret, surely?

Boring! How dare you!