Wu-Tang: 5 best songs of the group and individual members, NOT from Enter


I need to educate myself properly on this. Have tended to stay to Enter without exploring more. So go for it. Give me five of your favourites not on the first record.



Not sure about best songs. Tried to listen to all the main solo albums last year but that didn’t happen.

gza is really good
ghostface is really good
Method mans first album is great
Raekwon is also good
The W is a greatly good album, I think I prefer it to 36 chambers, but there are parts that need skipped

Maybe not so helpful but have it


really should just listen to liquid swords, ironman, supreme clientele & only built 4 cuban linx in their entirety, they’re all absolute classics.

songwise, without overthinking it, I’d probs go something like


alright. it’s going to be a costly evening. away we go. THANK YOU


Initial wave of solo records are pretty flawless tbh, Ironman, Liquid Swords, OB4CL, Tical are all brill. In terms of non-Enter group stuff I’ve always had a big soft spot for The W which may well be nostalgia led.


I’ve been sucked into a youtube wormhole of wu bangas, so no, THANK YOU


the rest of this week i’m going to be walking mighty through London




Songs are too hard for me to pick, but these albums are all classics:

Wu-Tang: Forever
Raekwon: Only Built For Cuban Linx
Gza: Liquid Swords
Ghostface Killah: Supreme Clientele
Ghostface Killah: Fishscale

Tical by Method Man, Return To The 36 Chambers by Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Only Built For Cuban Linx 2 by Raekwon are also worth a listen.


Basically, what has been said before; the first wave of solo lps was pretty flawless but GZA, Method Man & Raekwon in particular owned it. Ghostface too. Obviously the first ODB album is hilarious, but great also.

This banger is so so good - off Ironman. The Cappadonna verse at the end is incredible (dunno if this vid works but have a listen)


My fave Wu-Tang side project is Czarface - Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric. Very old-school boom bap, sounds like they’re all having lots of fun with it. Just found out they have a new one out, so cheers to the thread for making me look them up!


The run of albums from 36 Chambers-Forever has to one of the greatest ever. It all kind of fell apart from there, barring a few great albums, mainly from Ghostface Killah.

Another Wu-related album worth checking out is 6 Feet Deep by Gravediggaz (Rza, Frukwon and Too Poetic), produced by Prince Paul and Rza.


this is GREAT


ghostface is the most consistent


got supreme on as we speak and it’s bloody ace


top 5 crazy. how bout top 5 from side a of their 2nd album:

Reunited, double LP world excited, struck a match to the underground, industry ignited

Ddddddjjjj ddddjjj dddddddduuuuh ddddddddddddddjjjjjjuh

Aiyyo I roll like a bat out of hell, Evil acapells fly spittin out of my grill

Yo, in the housing, thousands seen early graves, Victims of wordly ways, memories stays engraved

ITS YOURRRRS youuurrrs youuurs


:smiley: ahaha amazing. already going through this record now <3 so glad i made this thread. Raekwon’s stuff possibly favourite at the mo


This guys knows what time it is!
Forever is a beast of a record, seems to be always overlooked. First disk is huge, but my personal favourite on the record is Bells Of War.

Got me hyped for the journey home now!


i’m pleased that at roughly six o clock a whole bunch of us will be swaggering our way towards home


How could i forget Gravediggaz - great album that. Although you got the title wrong :wink: :Niggamortis is much better!

Remember the 2nd lp being pretty dire though