Wu Tang/Public Enemy/De La Soul megatour

Holy shit?


What the fuck? Is that genuine?

I’ll be in Latvia. Bollocks.

It’s real, yeah, announced about an hour ago. On sale next Friday with presumably a pre-sale a couple of days earlier.

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Oh my…

Oh my, indeed!

Although I fear that this is going to suck hard at Wembley Arena.

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ALL ABOUT THIS!!! :grimacing:

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How many original Wu members are likely to actually show up?

I’ll be surprised if Wu don’t cancel entirely. They’re abysmal live.

Has anyone seen a price for London? Generally avoid arena shows like the plague but this is tempting

Aw man, really? Their Tiny Desk looked amazing.

To counter this, I saw them (minus RZA, Raekwon and Inspectah Deck) live at Kentish Town Forum and it’s one of the best shows I’ve been to, probably the best hip-hop show. Method Man is a fantastic frontman and all the others put in a great effort. DJ Mathematics was good value too.

Glasgow tickets are listed as £51.10 - £85.15, if that’s any indication

Jealous if that was the case. They were lazy as hell when I saw them and the bass was turned so far up you couldn’t hear a thing - music or vocals. Other folk I know had similar experiences elsewhere, so I’ve not risked going back.

1 of Ghostface / Raekwon / Inspectah Deck / GZA + U-God, Cappadonna, Shorty Shitstain, Jimmy Boy Twoscoops, Young Dirty Bastard, Knuckledust Gambino + Public Enemy + De La Soul

Wembley Arena



From the TV footage Wu looked great fun at Glastonbury a couple of years ago or whenever that was, so don’t see why they couldn’t be great in a big venue. Having Method Man there to keep things moving is probably key I reckon.

Yeah Meth is the magic ingredient. Also Method Man & Redman live was way more fun than my experience of seeing Wu-Tang live

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They got much better over the years (in terms of attendance). Saw them in Hammersmith about 10 years ago and all living members were there IIRC. Show was OK.

However did see them at Ilford Island in the 90s and it was awful. Only ODB and I think Buddah Monk turned up. People jumping on stage to battle. Total shambles and turned really nasty.

I feel like i should be all over this, but really can’t get excited about it.

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Now that’d probably get me along.


I saw them at Brixton Academy back in the 90s and it’s hands down the most disppointing gig I’ve ever attended. Was absolutely psyched beforehand but it was a total shambles. Also turned nasty - support act bottled off stage and rival drug gangs sparked a mass brawl :-1:

Will prolly go to ^this however despite having vowed never to return to Wembley Arena…



Oh man. They were quite scary times to go to rap shows TBH.

My mate Charlie went to that gig but was very young so his Dad went with him!

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