Wunch thread on Lednesday

got some sainos misery dahl and toast

i’d eat that

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was it a meal dahl

how much do you spend a week on lunch?

  • £0
  • £1-5
  • £5-10
  • £10-15
  • £15-20
  • £20-25
  • £25+

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which of these do you have

  • Stuff you cooked at home
  • Misery meal deals
  • Posh lunches
  • Work canteen
  • Other

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no dahling it wasn’t lol

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should have put more granularity into the top end here IMHO

£5 a day isn’t mental

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If there were any decent lunch options near me I’d probably spend that. I certainly used to

this is great

TV is WFH so we’re going to Rola Wala, probably getting the red dal

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Made a salad tortilla

£5 a day on lunch

  • is a lot
  • isn’t
  • meh

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i buy lunch out the supermarket

£5 a day, easy

I think if I bought lunch every day, I’d see £25+ every week as a lot of money.

As it stands, I buy lunch occasionally but mainly eat leftovers or sandwiches or misery noodles that I’ve brought with me. A couple of days of meal deals or extra snacks is OK.

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Lunch of champions

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better or worse than loacker?

how much did your lunch today cost?

£1.50 for my soup
free toast from work

Worse! Loacker are the OG Italian choco wafer

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£6 saved, obviously.


£4.15 for a pork burger with “apple 'slaw” and potato salad. was bloody good tbf. have brought in a banana and some peanut butter pretzel pieces too.

tbh £5 is the upper limit for me. try to bring something in once or twice a week as well but often can’t be fucked.


Today’s lunch is too miserable to mention. Did treat myself to a nice, big, juice orange for pudding though, looking forward to that.

Hope you all have a much, much better lunch than mine.