I will if they finally release a game for it

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You miss the Zelda announcement m8?

FFVII is literally - literally - unplayable if you don’t have nostalgia to drag you through it, and I’m not even trolling.

Don’t think there are plans for parasite eve tbh

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Ooh a link’s awakening remake, SNOOZE!

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I’d like to be eatin a scone but I’m not.


A humble goal, i like it

Could you spend this evening compiling a small guide of games you do like and games you don’t?

Atm I THINK it’s basically ps1 resi clones, (but NOT remakes of those games), ps1 Jrpgs but not all of them, Metroid, but nothing past GameCube era, and some of the Zelda games but not botw

's true though. 8 and 16 bit stuff is still playable because you can actually see what’s going on, even if it’s crude, but the PS1 stuff that’s got about 7 polygons on a screen is horrific if you’ve never played it before.

I liked BOTW but just dont think it’s anywhere near the best zelda.

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That’s fair enough tbh. I think it is but I had no link (hahahaha) to past (hahahaha) games

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Well I played a lot of em and it wasn’t really my thing

New 2d Metroid game

  • Fuck I’d be all over that
  • Nahhhh

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I dont even dislike metroid prime, just cant play it coz i get motion sick. Enjoyed metroid fusion though, was fun.

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Metroid prime is the most overhyped game ever. Incredibly boring with rubbish shooting and no memorable characters, can’t imagine the 2d ones are much better

Hate it when you can’t play games cus of stuff like that. Can’t play Tetris because I become psychotic and start imagining Tetris blocks everywhere

And I love Tetris

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Super Metroid is a joy bam, you should play it.

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I’ve played quite a few good metroidvanias but for whatever reason I find the aesthetic and world of metroid incredibly boring