Wye Oak - The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs

Streaming on NPR now. I loved the rest of their albums so I’m really looking forward to this one. They’ve quietly been one of the best bands of the past decade.


never heard them before but this sounds really good. Weird how there are lots of bands that sound quite similar and for some reason one of them hits you just right at a certain moment

They’re really great. Here’s a song from each of their proper full lengths (The Knot, Civilian, and Shriek) for anyone new to them trying to figure out where to go next.

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I really like ‘If Children’'. Do they not count it?

Oh shoot, complete oversight on my part. I’ve been meaning to go back and listen to it but I had gotten it into my head that it was an EP with demo versions of songs on The Knot. I have no idea why I thought that, but it looks like I just got two new Wye Oak albums today.

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Got a lot of time for this band. Thought shriek was really odd though and there were some poor choices in a few of the songs in terms of production and chord changes.

Also any excuse to post this again:


Absolutely superb band. And unbelievable live too. She’s incredible on guitar, and he plays drums and keyboards AT THE SAME TIME.

Can’t wait to hear this album.

Also check out her solo album she had out year before last, Flock Of Dimes. Absolutely rammed with fantastic songs.


Great band. They’d fallen off my radar a little so I’m happy to see they have a new LP.
First saw them Supporting Okkervil River at the Scala, fantastic show from both bands.

I’m loving this so far and it’s getting better every time. That late album “You of All People” and “Join” combination is beautiful.

You’ve been hanging round the Nirvana threads for too long


I love Shreik. I reckon the songs are probably better than with this one, but I way prefer the production of this one.

I’ll have to pick it up. Another one of those years where there’s releases from bands I like all over the place

It’s really really worth listening too.

Lifer is probably my favourite so far.

Also chalk me down as another Shriek fan. That first single was immense.

Also giving If Children a listen now, it’s weird how frequently Andy(?) crops up on lead vocals

Yep, fantastic album. To be absolutely honest I’d forgotten about them for a while, and when I saw that they had a new album coming out, it reminded me of how much I liked Shreik.

I didn’t think he sang at all?

There’s a male singer on a few tracks of the first album (almost as many as Jenn); I cant think who else it could be.