X Factor 2016 (rolling)

held back on making a thread this year, but judges’ houses is upon us.

get your predictions in now - who is gonna win? who will be through to live shows? who will definitely go home at judges’ houses?

any favourites?

don’t bother posting ‘it’s shite’/‘it’s a fix’/‘why waste your time’ etc., just do us a favour and fuck off?

Simon: Girls
Caitlyn Vanbeck, Emily Middlemas, Gifty Louise, Kayleigh Marie Morgan, Olivia Garcia and Soheila Clifford.
• Off to Malibu with Mel B and Emma Bunton
• Wildcard: Samantha Lavery, chosen by Louis

Sharon: Overs
Samantha Atkinson, James Wilson, Relley C, Christopher Peyton, Janet Grogan and Honey G (Ivy Grace had visa issues).
• Off to LA with Robbie Williams
• Wildcard: Saara Aalto, chosen by Nicole

Nicole: Boys
Christian Burrows, Freddy Parker, James Hughes, Matt Terry, Nate Simpson and Niall Sexton.
• Off to Nice with Calvin Harris
• Wildcard: Ryan Lawrie, chosen by Simon

Louis: Groups
5 AM, Skarl3t, Four of Diamons, The Brooks, Ottavio and Bradley and Tom and Laura.
• Off to Ibiza with Fleur East and Alesha Dixon
• Wildcard: Yes Lad (:confused:), chosen by Sharon

only seen the last episode - louis has a laugh doesn’t he?

That bit when Louis says ‘sing for your life’, I don’t like that @penoid.

that Honey G is still in?

Have absorbed some of it by osmosis, Gifty’s the only decent one I’ve seen. Ottavio and Bradley are a bit too obvious for the joke finalist, but they’re going to be the joke finalists

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Emma Bunton’s in it these days? Might give it a watch for old time’s sake

only cause ivy grace from the philippines couldn’t get a/the right visa

please remember these words the next time you come bursting into someone else’s thread and start doing exactly what you’ve told us not to do in this thread

just sayin’ and just leavin’

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just for next weekend



Tom and Laura have a great name get them through

Is that when they’ve stated in bold at the start of the thread that people shouldn’t do that, though?

i enjoyed this bit of simon, at least

I saw some of this for the first time this year on Saturday or Sunday (not sure which) and was struck by how bad all the boys sounded compared to previous years. Not sure if they cocked up the sound, my TV is broken or the judges were deliberately taking the piss, but this genuinely felt like the comfortably the worst lineup I’ve seen.

Is that just me being unlucky in dipping into a poor section of the whole thing, or are they actually poor by previous standards?

this year and last year in particular have been terrible, thinking the ‘current state of the charts’ is to blame. mainly just boys who are popstar lookalikes doing slowed down and/or acoustic covers of upbeat pop songs.

Also very, very easy to spot the plucked-from-a-talent-agency ones from the actual off the streets ones now, maybe that’s just me being wiser to it idk

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who are the best ones?
haven’t watched any

they’re definitely going home next weekend

ottavio and bradley definitely through
the brooks are most likely though (although i’d much prefer to watch 5AM at the lives)
louis will pick skarl3t over four of diamonds (who will pull a great harmony out of the bag) and inevitably say to skarl3t ‘yous look like popstars, yous sound like popstars’

don’t worry about it bud. let’s not take up any more of this thread.

please like this post to confirm

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