X-files tv show

talk old, or new. just gonna watch it now.

was thinking about starting over again but i think i may finally have worn it out

s1-2 gold
s3-4 very good
s5-6 hmmm
s7 no
s8 oh god why
s9 :skull_and_crossbones:

nice watching it in HD tho

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S1 and S2: Classic
S3 and S4: Excellent
S5: A bit wobbly
The Movie: Not too bad, really.
S6: Running out of gas
S7: No.
S8: Bad bad bad.
S9: Oh god, please stop.
“I Want to Believe”: This is really quite okay, considering. But Billy Connolly?
S10: Ep1 and 6, total dogshit, ep 3, 5 okay, ep 2 and 4 brilliant.

oh fucking hell, i forgot s10 existed

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is it on Netflix?

I would quite like to watch the early ones as I missed loads of them at the time

amazon i think?

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didn’t know this, might smash the first 4 series’ based on this thread

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gave up after 4 episodes. basically the same plot every time

something odd happens. Mulder thinks its aliens, Scully doesn’t. turns out to be aliens. Scully believes

I think it used to be on Netflix definitely, not sure if it still is

you forgot the bit where THE GOVERNMENT

How have you seen the scripts for Season 11?

Some of the standalone tongue in cheek ones were my favourites, I liked the big alien invasion arc to begin with but it went on for several seasons and just didn’t seem to go anywhere, as the deep throat informant and sinister white man in suit kept just getting killed and replaced repeatedly. I gave up with it when they got to the seasons where it seemed like either Mulder or Scully were in it but not both at the same time. Not sure how long this went on for or if the main arcs ever got resolved.

The second film is genuinely one of the worst things I have ever seen.

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Is S10 the comeback one on Netflix? I watched the first one and couldn’t be arsed.

TBH I recall the stuff when it was on the BBC to be fairly decent but it ran out of steam quickly.

That first film was absolutely terrible although the (unintentional?) comedy of the family of the British guy on Cancer Man’s team was something, I guess. I mean I seem to recall the whole cinema shifting and getting a bit uncomfortable in a sort of, “Wait, did they really? What year is this?” kind of thing.

Yeah the 6 episode miniseries. It was horrendously bad, somehow even worse than season 9. There was an islamic extremist episode and… you dont need me to tell you.

The english guy and his country home are in it for like 5 seconds arent they? I quite like the first film but it did basically end the series in a way they couldnt come back from. Supposedly chris carter wanted to just continue making standalone films after that but the film didnt do well enough.

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But WHAT a 5 seconds, Eric!

I remember renting out the S5 finalé from Blockbuster (LOL) so that I would have the context for the film as it was already on Sky by then. And then none of it made sense.

It definitely felt shortly after that like the only reason they made the show was because they kept driving a dumper truck of money up to Chris Carter’s door.

Tbf they did try to end it numerous times, most notably at the end of S7 when it pretty much comes full circle back to the pilot but it was making so much money for fox that they werent allowed to end it

Is s11 out now?


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It’s airing on Channel 5 / Five / Channel 5 / Five or whatever it’s called this week apparently. Not sure when.

Agreed. Fringe was great, although it did get a bit muddled towards the end.