X is the new Y

Rachel Riley is the new Carol Vordeman
Graham Norton is the new Wogan
Gai Assulin is the new Messi

These are all old examples of X being the new Y, got any new ones?

Not knowing what Snapchat is is the new not being on Facebook

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Thought this was going to be some kind of hideous sexism thread. I am relieved.

Lagom is the new hygge

People only please David.

People only please Marcus.

Any old shit is the new Nirvana

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Or, worse, something about Coldplay.


Marcus is not the new marckee.

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Angela Scanlon is the new Alex Jones

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I can’t think of any. Sorry.

Superb Foppsy-Woppsy, thanks very much (added bonus of Alex Jones being the old new Christine Bleakley!)

It’s a chain! I was going to put Christine but thought Jones was more appropriate.

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Peter Capaldi is the most recent doctor who.

This is shit mate, just utter fucking shit on toast.

Joss Stone is the new Dusty Springfield

Finley Quaye is the new Lou Reed