X second rule (for eating dropped food)


Seven second rule for me.

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  • Seconds? I think in minutes.
  • Ewww, I wouldn’t eat dropped food

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defintely do this in hours/days


Depends where it’s fallen!


A lot of this.

Some places its a complete no. Some places (mainly places in my own home) I wouldn’t care how long it’s been there.

Other places I will stick to the accepted international standard of the 3-second rule.


Please don’t be difficult. I’d like a general rule that you might whimsically say out loud to excuse your regression to your animal core.


Scrap that, I’d like to hear your decision tree @Witches .


Only a fool breaks the X second rule (for eating dropped food).


Someone find that INCREDIBLE anecdote about the woman in a DiSer’s office who shut the whole place down out of panic about this rule not being an actual real rule.



Not even if you dropped a burrito @ericthefourth ?


It also depends on how drunk I am. I have eaten a battered sausage that had previously fallen on the floor of a glasgow chip shop… not my proudest moment but I did live to tell the tale :confounded:


Putting you down for the minutes option, ta.


I believe that would be accurate, yes.


I was once walking in the school playground with my friend Russell. A solitary quaver blew in front of us.

He bent down, picked it up, and ate it. Didn’t even cross his mind not to. Was genuinely perplexed when I pulled a face.


Depends on the food/where I dropped it/if I was in good company


This evoked a proper belly laugh from me :grinning:


My mate did similar at uni. Dropped his pizza in the back yard as we staggered back from a night out. Some of it fell out of the box, but he just shoved it all back in the box and put it all down his neck. Surprised he didn’t break a tooth on a bit of gravel or something.


A boyfriend did that with a pizza… he dropped it top down onto my kitchen floor. We had dogs, there was dog hair in it… he insisted on sitting there and picking hairs out of it. WHAT THE FUCK.

EDIT: … I know I’m not one to talk but still…


I’m not sure if my mate would’ve thought to inspect the pizza for debris while sober tbh, never mind after a night of cheap beer.


Well, my ex bf was totally sober so that’s maybe why he did :unamused:


Which one?