Xmas gift advice and loving help thread for good people


I don’t do my xmas shopping until I’ve had a few pints at xmas eve lunchtime! Fuck off dumbshit!

I want advice on nice coffee beans that I can buy online with no or limited p&p, please.


Get in! Daddy’s got us coffee beans again.


It is about that time again isn’t it! Will be thinking about potential gifts for the next few weeks and starting my purchasing soon.

(No coffee advice I’m afraid, sorry)


christmas, if it’s not one thing, it’s another


I’d like to send you something. Can I have your address please?


Mushroom log


Hi lonzo.

I get all my coffee these days from Algerian Coffee Stores: http://www.algcoffee.co.uk/

Looks like postage is £2.95 for a 250g bag though :frowning:

I have had subscriptions to Pact and Kopi before, I think you can just buy individual bags from both maybe, and all the coffee I got from them was good.


I’m worried about what easter eggs to get next year too


i’m gonna buy somebody a coat, at some point


I’m confused. do you or don’t you do this? I had you pegged as a very orgainsed shopper…


£4 for a kg… could be an option


Just get any that will fit up your arse.


I am a very organised shopper.


good lad. managed to do ALL my christmas shopping without hitting one shop last year.


guess you can’t do this with kids though, huh


Highly recommend the Kenyan AAA and the Organic Bolivian, fyi


Could probably just about. I just click and collected a massive box of Lego. Not sure if that counts or not.


I meant more getting into the christmas spirit with the kids. seeing santa and what have you


Yeah have to do loads of shit that I don’t want to like fireworks