Xmas Telly Roundup


Doctor Who - fell asleep. No idea. Probably ok.
We’re going on a bear hunt - fucked that right up didnt they.
Brian Cox / Eric Idle thing - fucking hell! (Lasted about 10 minutes)

Not seen much else. Raymond Briggs thing on now but I’m not really watching it.

Hows your festive telly been?


Inside No 9. Was alright


Doctor Who - sort of alright, realised how little I remember about the last series/xmas special though, as apparently those headless things were in it? Also Mark Lawson’s Guardian review suggests they either massively rewrote it it after the press screening (unlikely) or he was paying very little attention.
Inside no 9 - was good, twist was a bit daft but guess that was the point.


(Scottish football) Also Aberdeen v Motherwell on Friday. Some nice goals, Motherwell are quite agricultural for a team with such a nice pitch


Revolting Rhymes was ok, although the animation was very odd…huge weird noses on everyone.

Liked seeing Chris Hawkins on University Challenge failing at the music found.

Doctor Who looked daft enough for a Xmas special.

Bear Huntvwas OK, don’t like when they muck with the story to make it emotional thoiugh…

Anyone seen Outnumbered? Was it suitable for kids?


got Johnny Creek recording to watch after the footy, will report back. Didn’t watch doctor who and etc. because there were no children at our christmas


Outnumbered is well past its best (and it was never particularly good) - don’t think there was anything bad for kids, apart from the fact that it just wasn’t particularly funny at all.


Recorded terminator and love actually


inside no 9, #pogdogs, that chernobyl documentary on bbc4, big fat quiz (was shite), saw half of the outnumbered special (jesus) and the first bake off ep.

taped the agatha christie and the gordon buchanan elephant thing

gonna watch david blane and the celeb robot wars


Cool. My eldest has recently discovered it and thinks if is brilliant. As an alternative to youtubers I am all for it but as it was on at ten I thought maybe it was adult, luckily just not good. They will love it anyway…


wish it was Terminator vs Love Actually


monster’s university is on bbc1 on sunday (is it any good?)


it’s decent as far as animations go, nowhere near the level of the better pixars though


as aggpass says, it’s decent and enjoyable but it’s not one of the top tier Pixars.


I think the Outnumbered special would be fine for kids, nothing particularly offensive that springs to mind!

I quite enjoyed it, probably more than the last special (whenever that was?)…


Doctor Who was a bit pants and the preview for the new series looked quite underwhelming.

Just watched the Raymond Briggs 'Ernest and Ethel and thought it was charming.


I’don’t forgotten about Jonathan Creek. The last few have been dismal though.


It’s been terrible since the first few Julia Sawalha episodes


my mum was watching that Agatha Christie thing and even she thought it was rubs. I saw most of the second bit because I was on my laptop in the room, looked reeeally bad.

(hope you weren’t really looking forward to it and I’ve just ruined your Agatha Christie buzz)


has celeb Robot Wars been on yet??