Xxxtentacion dies after shooting

Sad, shit end to a confounding artist’s life. It feels somehow like these kids live in a much more volatile world than even just one rap generation above them?


Fuck 'im.

good, sorry

really dont think anyone is gonna say it better than kreayshawn:


CW sexual violence


Possibly. We definitely consume their lives in a much more detailed way though.

Horrible story, start to finish. 20 years old. A child basically.

There’s a kind of ghetto voyeurism surrounding hip hop culture that’s been around for at least twenty years and which has always made me profoundly uncomfortable.

On the one hand it’s obviously right and profoundly important that marginalised people have a platform to discuss their lives as lived, but when it’s commodified for comfortable middle class white people to enjoy there is something queasy about it. There is also a tendency (as with porn) for it to get more and more extreme in order to make an impact.

I listened to the first wave of hip hop as a teenager and my son now listens obsessively to the kind of ‘Soundcloud rap’ made by Xxxtentacion and Lil Peep. Whilst I can appreciate some of its nihilistic appeal it just seems relentlessly negative and unpleasant to me. It embodies (and amplifies) a lot of the misogyny and shallow materialism that has largely put me off hip hop for a long time. I wonder how many people who listen to it are equipped to listen to it in the proper context and think critically about the attitudes it exhibits.

Xxxtentacion just seems like a poster boy for lots of thing wrong with hip hop culture and American culture.


You’re not born homophobic and abusive to women. You’re not born an attempted murderer. The whole situation is the result of institutionalised racism multiplied by toxic masculinity. That doesn’t excuse any of the awful acts but it’s vital context we shouldn’t forget.


Agree, but don’t think it’s confined to hip hop culture. A saw Louis Theroux tweeting about him this morning - and he’s someone in recent years whose bread and butter has pretty much been ghetto voyeurism.


Obviously anyone saying anything like that is an awful individual. Despite anything else he was only 20 and had plenty of years to turn his life around and atone for his faults, and there were some signs that he was already starting on that process when he died.

On the other hand I’ve never thought that the fact of someone’s death should preclude an honest and blunt discussion of how that person acted when he or she was alive. Anything else is just dishonest.

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