xylo is going to Belfast and Cork, to eat its fast food (please do join me)

admittedly a niche thread, and i’m two strong pints deep so apologies in advance, but due to quite a lot of sadness in realising i have never had a bucket of sausages, i’ve accepted i kind of need to just… get a hotel in ireland and eat my way through their best fast food.

In like… [edit] july? there’s an arab strap tour…

I guess what i’m doing is suddenly suggesting not only a dis meat but a dis trip, depending on who can make room for my idiocy. let’s… do this?

  • i would publicly be interested in this.

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i’ll be at the AS gig in belfast on the 14th, the cork gig at the 15th. Company at either is very much welcome.

Do you like Arab Strap? They’re doing an Irish tour in the summer and this seems like the ideal opprtunity for an excellent trip.

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sadly no, i do not like them.

i really fucking love them.

which month?


July I believe but I’m not sure if it’s still going ahead with Covid, etc.

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yeah that’s … a point actually. i mean can i coerce you into a bucket of sausages while i butcher arab strap in kareoke ?

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Think there’s some mileage in Arab Strap karaoke tbh

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things are reopening in Ireland this week so it should happen (unless we get a fresh new summer variant)


i am going to two of the shows

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In going to Ireland in May hopefully. Mainly to look at puffins and other birds


this holds strong potential

what if one of the birds you had a look at was your fit bird ‘xylo’

‘Tell the truth did you put something funny in my drink?’
‘yeah it was a supermacs sausage’


note - if you answered the poll i had to make a new one coz it was anon so please do again coz i don’t know which two of you it was!

For clarity i am fully happy to do more than one city/region

Playing in July in Cork in Cyprus Avenue, cracking venue in the city centre.

nnnggg. yeah okay fuck it i’m in. will grab a ticket quick sharp and worry about the details after. @Icarus-Smicarus you hitting cork?

I may not be able to go on a fast food tour with you but I’m sure I can swing a night at a gig!

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DiS meat at L. Mulligan Grocer’s


during which we can factor in a very brief fast food crawl?

Hillbillies is but a five minute walk away!

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