Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


Great start.

Trump IS President-Elect - The Thread

He’s draining the swamp! MAGA!




No just the conference though is it?
He’s placed an anti-vaxxer at the head of a vaccination task force and he’s gonna repeal Obamacare on day 1 (I think some pre-requisite for this passed through congress yesterday)

Half of the US to be dead or dying of smallpox before easter

end times


Bull in a china shop has never been more apt. It’s kind of amazing watching someone with a very low IQ being given the keys to a superpower. At least in North Korea it’s (for now) relatively contained.


What do we all think of Trump running things through his Gotham Tower instead of the White House though?

Is Christopher Nolan directing?


Obamacare is a bit of a weird one because he’s now saying there has to be a replacement ready and is wildly placing that responsibility on whoever he can think of. So we’ll see how long that shift takes. As a recent meme thing highlighted so many people aren’t even aware that ACA and Obamacare is the same thing. It’ll be immediate weapons-grade career suicide if there’s no replacement ready.


i’m actually really happy with that. felt weird seeing the white house last year and thinking ‘trump could be there’


Horrible feeling I’m going to end up saying ‘Sad!’ a lot online this year without even being ironic


Trump Pharma


it’s perhaps the only positive thing he’s ever done, introducing that. Sad!


but isn’t it a total and obvious disregard for the office of President? Also, makes him look like a paranoid freak that he is holed up inside his compound and doesn’t trust Washington

I wonder who he does trust? It must have crossed his mind a few times that his wife may be a Russian spy


it’s fine he’s got his daughter to marry if necessary


and yeah re: disregard, but it ties in to the entire schtick doesn’t it? ‘He’s so anti-elite he won’t even use the White House! just his regular (multi million) home’


It also makes money for him, as all the security staff and retainers have to pay rent to the company to be accommodated in there as well.


See his podium from yesterday with a president-elect logo on it with his name on? Is that a normal thing that president-elects do, or has the maniac had this knocked up of his own accord?



the big pile of files next to him is a bit more mental tbh


yeah, what’s up with all that blank paper? What’s that supposed to prove/signify?


Okay. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish “Mania of Trump” from “General mania of US politics”.