Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


An arresting headline you have to admit




Reckon he's got a good chance of winning at The Crucible this year



Having heard him on a podcast this....would make a lot of sense actually.




Barron Trump is both a) an Arsenal fan, and b) a full kit wanker:



I get them mixed up all the time, tbf

I'm not on the verge of declaring war on one of them, equally tbf


Yeah, I'd spend maybe 30 seconds making sure I could remember which was which before any TV interview in which I was going to discuss them. Also I'd double, maybe triple-check which country I was bombing.

But he is very busy MAGAing I guess.




I know there's a lot of competition in this administration, but Jeff Sessions probably is the worst of the lot. That implication that Hawaii isn't part of the US.


It also shows that the AG doesn't understand the constitution, too.


Looks interesting:

Hillary had aides create "loyalty scores" (from one for most loyal, to seven for most treacherous) for members of Congress. Bill Clinton since 2008 had "campaigned against some of the sevens" to "help knock them out of office," apparently to purify the Dem ranks heading into 2016.


Oh good, another opportunity for Hillary/Bernie Sanders supporters to keep arguing


You know when you say "interesting" ...


It isn't about that, it's more an insight into how her campaign worked. Well it didn't work, but you get me. Helps to explain why the Dem resistance to Trump is dribbling to nothing now in a roundabout way.


Imagine having to have pro-science rallies in the 21st century.