Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


What ‘resistance’ do you want from them? They’re outvoted in every area.


Can they not just shoot him?


I refuse to believe Trump was ever this lucid


Would still wind up with Mike Pence though


He was still engaging in his usual nonsense that only he has the ability to make good decisions while everyone else has dragged America into the gutter. The actual substance of his argument changes dependant on what question he was asked.


Completely fucking un-hinged

Or just sucking up to his base.


i see that and raise you this


Why that emoji


read somewhere else that trump has killed more civilians in 6 months than obama did in his final 12, although obama still comes out ahead overall obviously.



obviously they’re actually correct here but ascribing the wrong motives to god.


The slimy piece of shit doesn’t oppose Trump, ever. He’s voted along the line for him all the way. He gives fine speeches, claims the credit for being the principled Republican the liberal media loves to dream exists, and then enjoys the healthcare he’s just committed to denying to millions of Americans. Fuck him and fuck his brain.


fuck yes :facepunch:


Edit : hilarious mis-boarding!!


This is in line with what you’re saying:


I’d like to vote in your stag-do poll - where should I go now?


John McCain: You see, this was my plan all along! Lol just kidding, I’m a Republican so I’m still going to screw you all over in the end.


Does Trump have a knack for appointing loose cannons or something


This is so good/mental


Almost as if anyone who wants to be a part of his administration is an arsehole with no integrity at all.