Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


oh dear


The opening sentence on this article sums up the Democrats somewhat


okayish article, seems the writer is still stuck in the mindset of “everything was sweet before last november”. which is wrong. i can understand why potential prez nominees are being interrogated this early - it gives them plenty of time to explain why they did such and such and how they might do it differently going forward. would also help if nina turner and the like we discussed more in articles like this.

i know you and i have disagreed a bit in this thread but i guess we’d both agree we’re quite lucky in the UK in that the labour left seems to be consolidating its grip quite well and the blairites are sort of having to admit the new reality is working a lot better than they perhaps wanted it to, bar the odd rumble. by contrast, america is big and crazy and polarised, so i guess this schizoid infighting is reproduced at every level of its political culture on both sides. maybe they need a few smaller victories to help them chart a path forward.

they just need some core principles to unite around. what do people care about? universal healthcare, $15 minimum wage, a pledge to stop interfering in foreign conflicts…all hugely popular, across the board, why can’t they all get behind this? it’s so weird. weirder still to think it’s only the gop being so shit that has prevented the worst excesses of trumpism up to now.

oh, and they really, really need to shitcan the russia/red scare stuff, or at least reign it in a bit. polls are showing it’s just not an issue for most people, whereas jobs, healthcare etc is.


bit silly

i’ve never heard of it before but Large Adult Son is the perfect meme. all the information is coded perfectly in those three words, there’s no need to explain the concept - look at that headline and the photo of their vacant but expectant faces.





It’s worth reading the replies to that as well for other examples too.


Did you listen to the last Intercepted where the North Korea expert said that on balance, Trump was more likely than Kim Jong-Un to start a nuclear war? I don’t think it will happen, but still.


I mean, only one of them has functioning nukes.


it’s all so cynical innit. they desperately want a war somewhere but iraq is destroyed, syria is a disaster, nobody gives a shit about libya anymore, and a ground war against iran would be suicide. there are so many think tank vampires in the white house throwing tantrums about drone-only warfare that something may give at some point. parsefone is right about only the US having functioning nukes but NK would still absolutely try to merk SK, maybe even parts of japan and china too, if the US fired on them.

some political guy on twitter was saying if trump tried to fire a nuke, because the people who operate the missiles aren’t allowed to question the order, it would probably necessitate an actual military coup to prevent a launch. lately a lot of US generals have been really pushing back against the hawks in the US admin wanting them to no-fly zone syrian airspace, so hopefully they keep it up w/r/t NK.


christ that news bit on bbc just now was a little foreboding



That’s really weird.


what was it?


it was just a report from an american military base in SouthKorea. The ‘general’ there was basically just saying they’re ready and willing for whatever action needs to be taken (of course I’m totally paraphrasing and OFCOURSE a soldier would say that) so nothing to see here I guess :upside_down_face:


Japan have released a report talking up North Korea’s nuclear capability. It’s all building to military intervention


still making my way through the phonecall transcripts




the best line is still

“I am the world’s greatest person that does not want to let people into the country.”


“local milk people” is pretty great.


Well this North Korea stuff is moving worryingly fast