Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever



Haha. It’s a bit like:




Yeah these fucking twitter essays do my nut.


Now settle down. Here’s some game theory. (1/514)


Eugh, remember when he said “I just thought this up with some craft beer and Ritalin, enjoy!”


He’s one of those guys who is so desparate for attention he’s perfectly happy to ritually humiliate himself over and over again. Not many steps up from a gimp.


Oh god Eric Garland is an epic weapon.

This is by the by but it’s probably bad that I’m supposed to be a left bro yet I really like Army Strang’s war stories. In fact any war stories tbh.


Oh god. Should have waited a few weeks and done a laboured Punisher reference instead.


Either the person who writes this blog is a nutter or virtually Trump’s whole cabinet’s in it up to their necks…


What do you make of CTH and the like still waving away the Russia stuff? I get that some of the crazier claims by the Democrats are stupid and offensive (basically anybody who’s ever had a problem with America is being brainwashed by Russian Facebook trolls) but these indictments are pretty interesting. Plus when Trump does pardon everyone it’ll be interesting watching the Democrats try to walk that line between criticising Trump and still loving the presidential office.

IDG why the far left types don’t enjoy it.


Isn’t Patribotics a Louise Mensch project? (So, yes, a nutter.)


Is it?

Isn’t she a pro-Trump nutter?


Still listening, eh? :wink:

I think their main point is that Russian interference is a minor reason why the Democrats lost, as compared to gerrymandering, voter suppression, alienation w/ the two party system etc. issues which have existed for decades but few within the Beltway have any interest in tackling. If your political system is so fragile it can be influenced by a much poorer state making public you made an administrative error with your email account then it’s not a very good political system. You might compare it to the French election - Russian sources released a bunch of intercepted shit on Macron in an effort to get him to lose, it didn’t stop him easily beating Le Pen.

I also heavily agree with the point about externalising a foreign baddie to explain away why they lost, rather than do any kind of soul-searching about how insane your country and politics must be to allow Trump to happen. I think that’s the core reason for their frustration - it’s deflection.


Also, have you seen the Hillary children’s book?

Not. A. Cult. Not. A. Cult.


She seems to have some kind of issue with Russia:

During and after the 2016 US presidential election, Mensch’s political commentary has promoted conspiracy theories about the Russian government, Donald Trump and people in Trump’s circle.[89] Mensch claims she has evidence that Vladimir Putin had Andrew Breitbart murdered to make room for Steve Bannon at Breitbart.[90][91][92] She has stated that the 2017 Istanbul nightclub shooting was a Russian false flag operation, with Russia posing as ISIL;[82] that “Bannon and his team” were behind bomb threats to Jewish community centres; and that Russian intelligence planted Hillary Clinton’s emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.[4] Mensch has also accused numerous people and organizations of being Russian “shills”, “moles” and “agents of influence,” including founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel,[93][94] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and elements of Mossad (Israel’s intelligence service).[95]


Yeah, I’m still 50/50 on it but that episode with Amber the other week sort of, kind of, just about made amends. Plus we all need an echo chamber from time to time let’s be honest.

Can’t really fault your points here. As I’ve been catching up on the new “Russia” revelations it’s been gradually more of a non-event, seems like. It’s just run of the mill American graft and hustling innit, sociopath careerism in a hyper-capitalist political environment.

I bet there are loads of Democrats and their hangers-on absolutely quivering atm due to Mueller’s investigation, since what he’s actually uncovering is a kind of standard corruption that everybody in Washington is into rather than some full blown Bourne-style conspiracy thriller with Putin as an Alan Rickman-esque evil genius. Pretty sure he’ll get shafted if his agents start chasing people who actually matter in either party.

Having said that, tbf there are people who want the Russia stuff investigated without being daft enough to think it had any real bearing on the election. Like, they know there are far bigger problems but if something can be done about foreign interference/grifting then it’s worthwhile to do it I guess.


Also that’s now the new worst thing I’ve seen from the hashtag resistance.


No, she’s practically leader of the anti-Trump nutters. Posted something about there being an FISA warrant on Trump or something like that on one of her shit blogs, it seemed to have some credence, the “Resistance” hailed her as a credible source and inexplicably she’s taken seriously by a lot of people despite being completely batshit and accusing everyone (including the guy who wanted 18 million retweets so he could get free Wendy’s chicken nuggets for a year) of being a Russian mole.


After 3,179 posts, I hereby conclude that all of the United States of American can just go fuck off.