Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever




On the downside, the Democrats never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. On the upside, their opponents are total idiots. This battle of wits in 2018/2020 will be something to behold.



Something ‘honest’ in that numbering compared to that Seth Abramson one, though: 40 numbered posts then 10 PS’s followed by 5 NOTE posts. WTAF? :smiley:

I was so confused when I found out she hated Trump. Had a total

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moment. Because you shouldn’t really be on the same side as LM in the normal course of events. Reading her Tweets I feel like her view comes in part at least from an aggressive Tory 80s idea about Russia and commies? it’s like in her view nothing has changed over there and she’s still fighting the Cold War. Lol.


Taxy McCutface



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The new film starring Danny Dyer.


Christ, the takedowns are epic in brutality. This user has a suggestion for another story they should include so kids get a balanced account of the great leader:


Whilst I agree with Hilary being a poor choice of candidate but, is anyone kind of wondering why Hilary is still being talked about?

She’s not the house leader or the senate leader, the election was almost a year ago and regardless of what happens with Trump there’s unlikely to be another election for awhile and even then she’s unlikely to run.


Trump keeps bringing her up doesn’t he?

She also seems to bring herself to public attention too. Doesn’t she have a book out?


This went around just before the election. She was a defence attorney at the time. It was her job:


It’s been suggested that Fox and the Republicans are effectively on a war footing, and the only way that they can sustain it is to talk about Clinton as if they’d rather she’d won.


Sorry man, you’ve lost me there. Not disagreeing in any way, just don’t get that. So they want a war and feel the best way to gather support is to bring up Clinton in a way that if she had won they’d be… not at war? Or under attack?



Sorry, that could have been clearer: I mean that to justify their state of permanent anger they need drum up stories about Clinton and give them a prominence that could only be justified were she actually the president.


Now I’m with you :wink:


I think the issue is with how she did that job. Like, slut shaming a 12 year old, then saying that cos she’s from a broken home she’s prone to lying about rape, etc. I mean, if her cult are arguing she’s a pioneering ahead-of-her-time feminist on the one hand it looks odd when they dismiss concerns about this line of legal defense as being “of its time” on the other.


I think it’s just 'cos Republicans and Trump fans are never happy and hate Clinton with a passion, and Democrats want to keep fighting over 2016 for the rest of time because they won’t cop to what really went wrong. Plus even tho she’s gone they’re still clinging to this Third Way stuff despite it being a huge turn off for a lot of voters. Everything is stuck in stasis and Clinton is something to argue about in lieu of grappling with the real shit.



this seems fine


Looks like he had his account suspended or deleted it himself for 10 minutes. Wtf?


Incredible last day bants :smiley: