Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever



I love that they put that out there like they think it sounds better, rather than bolstering the point that Twitter essentially supports racists, misogynists and fascists.


Not sure what to make of this. Seems New York doesn’t have the death penalty at this time. Is there a way to make them apply the death penalty anyway? Is Trump just out of touch (again)?


There are blue-tick people on my timeline who seem concerned that because a Twitter employee shut down Trump’s account they must have had the ability to write Tweets from it that could lead the world to nuclear war. JFC.




They could apply the death penalty under federal law I think? Either way, capital punishment remains bloody stupid.


think the death penalty is a bit harsh, all they did was delete a twitter account



what are you even on about?


The wording of that affidavit is extremely clumsy, particularly by today’s standards, but she’s not “slut-shaming a 12 year old” - she’s asking for a psychiatric evaluation. Appreciate that this doesn’t tally with your preconceived ideas about Hilary Clinton (and I’m not saying this as any sort of supporter of hers), but she was just doing her job


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this guy hasn’t been tried and found guilty yet - isn’t the president tweeting this stuff massively prejudicial to his trial?


It certainly leaves the door open for his defense team to claim that he would never receive a fair trial in the USA.

Case may not go to full trial if the defendant pleads guilty, but either way, great work Mr President



Think the “im not orange, impeach” is the best protest sign of the year.



The election for Governor of Virginia today has been occupying most of the attention (i.e. can the Democrats find a way to mess this one up? Possibly) but there’s other important votes today too


Lately I feel like we’re maybe forgetting how many idiots are actually in charge. Not Machiavellian schemers, just genuine idiots with a dumb animal kind of cunning.




Good work, Virgin(ian)s.


Anyone care to give me a link for context about this Tweet?

I mean it seems to be saying the Democrats overcame gerrymandering but if it’s in place, how? Or is it referring to a place where it’s not happening and implying in Philadelphia that won’t show?


From what I’ve read, Dems are massively up in the popular vote, but only just managing to win the house - so they overcame gerrymandering but only by getting about 8% more of the vote.