Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


Aha right, thanks :slight_smile:


So what’s our thoughts on trump’s chances of getting to fuck?

I dunno how to do polls.

Following this guy on twitter and he reckons guy leading investigation, Mueller? I think, is going after trump and the smaller indictments are just part of a long term plan. The way he puts it the whole papasnuffleuppicus stuff is really damning but part of me thinks it is wishful thinking on his part and mine tbf. Seth abramson I think his name is.


Should add that my American online friends are ecstatic about the latest election results - big wins for Democrats for NY and Virginia governorships, and a big swing in the Virginia state house. Huge turnout for Dems, and lots of leftist, African-American and gay candidates winning, as well as Danica Roem (already mentioned above).

Meanwhile Trumpists are going from praising Gillespie (Virginia gov candidate) to criticising him after he lost, and other Republicans are turning on Trump.


I mean what’s so surreal is that Virginia is… I mean it SHOULD be bulletproof republican right now.


He’s not getting to fuck any time soon. He’ll be in the white house for another 7 years.


Funny watching the American commies fretting about this potentially blowing their always-imminent armed insurrection. FFS, the US is obviously going to implode within our lifetimes what are they worrying about.


Don’t trust anything Abramson says on twitter. He’s a crank.


Don’ t think you can be 100% sure of that. He’s really not popular and he’s certainly by no means guaranteed to win in 2020.


Oh no, I’m definitely not. Just we’re all so desperate to get rid of him that he’ll end up hanging around and fucking up the word for the foreseeable to spite us. Sorry man, I’m just being a pessimist. Hope they nail the fucker.


Yeah, I mean, this is the Democrats we’re talking about, so could be a Trump landslide in 2020 for all we know.


It really sucks the Democrats will learn almost nothing from this whole experience even if they keep making gains. Like, all the problems are still there, except Trump’s had a year to make things even worse. The worry is that the Dems take whatever minor victories they have as proof they don’t need to shift left even an inch or challenge any of the corporate cheddar whiffing up the Beltway.


Mark Zuckerberg

  • Will run as a Democrat in 2020
  • Will run as a Republican in 2020
  • Won’t run, too busy counting his money

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He’d be worse than Trump IMHO.


I’m looking forward to a resumption of the 2016 primary in late October 2018 and all of 2020


Awesome news. Although I can’t believe the electorate had voted that despicable arsehole in for the previous 25 year…! His Wikipedia page is just a list of cuntish things.


90% sure that if Trump does reduce America to a pile of irradiated rubble, Democrats will still be sending angry tweets to each other about the 2016 primary.



Pretty much identical to the election, no? The key is, and probably always will be, just how many non-white people turn out to vote.


Mate, you can’t just say that most racists are uneducated white people…


He was spot-on about Clovis, which was a pretty niche thing to be correct about.