Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


and how many are barred from voting/have a million obstacles put up to try and stop them from voting


Quite. Virginia’s around 37% non-Caucasian, but has some of the strictest voting laws in the country. Even reformed criminals have to petition the courts to regain their right to vote. In Florida alone 1.5m aren’t allowed to vote. 25% of black adults in Florida can’t vote. The system’s fucked.


Is there some kind of colourful chart that shows how left-wing the Democrats who won were so we can see what progress has been made? I CBA reading anything with paragraphs.


danica roem’s thrash band


Why am I even surprised.


Yeah there’s been a lot of debate amongst Republican voters about how ephebophilia isn’t as bad as paedophilia. I think diehard Brexiteers would probably approach a similar scandal in the same way.


hatred of the opposition trumps all else

(pun not intentional but amusing)


saw a screenshot of this and thought it was an obvious fake. how naive of me.


I wish we could call in the ‘big man’ fae chewin the fat to sort this all out. Or just some fucking voice of reason to say clearly Trump needs to go and fuck off, reverse brexit cause it’s a stupid fucking idea and let’s y’know work together to try to salvage what remains of our planet.


I was same with this Atlantic article, thought they were doing some liberal satire of fox news war propaganda or something…



And lol at the fucking idea that RT is any worse for propaganda than CNN, MSNBC, Fox, WSJ, NYT, etc

Like this indicates some pretty creepy authoritarianism going on in the Justice Department but it doesn’t matter cos they’re dirty Ruskies and we are not dirty Ruskies hashtag resist and etc.



Wondered what @MissBass was up to these days


Thanks for reminding me of the existence of the ‘Big Man’ fannybaws!


“Ah’m the man that decorated mah Christmas tree wi’ the Governor of Barlinnie’s plums… Ah’m the man who stuck mah boot that far up the Chief of Strathclyde Police’s arse, he still to this day is shoehorning his shites out… An’ ah’m the man, unless you’re no careful boy, who’s gonna re-arrange your face that bad that yer wee boy is gonna be asking his mammy th’night why there’s a pizza at the letter box BEGGIN’ TO GET IN!”


Why would they broadcast this?


baffling literally can’t think of a reason why they’d put this out there.


I know Trump being immature isn’t new…but I don’t look at his Twitter anymore and was just checking if much had changed.

Taking his cues from Taylor Swift, now


wonder how many White House staffers are considering sending him over on a visit now…