Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


He should know that he is just a hideous criminal sentenced to death by the Korean people

N.Korean media is weird. I initially thought it was some sort of order from high up…but instead this is just a vague assertion that every North Korean wants him dead (much like the UK eh, arf arf)


Does it say that? I mean presuming you’re saying “voting Gillespie == racist” then:

0.41 * 2173 = 891 white, educated people who responded.
48% of those = 428

0.26 * 2173 = 565 white, uneducated people who responded
72% of those = 407


I realise it’s Kim Jong Un’s media talking not him personally but it smacks a bit of

to me… .


Maybe he’s gone rogue and will be getting sacked. He’s questioned Trump in the past, but such a damning live statement’s something else.


Didn’t think Fox would allow any presenter to push a non right wing agenda? Whether it’s fact or not. Fair play to the boy but I’m really confused. It’s like Owen Jones doing a piece for Brietbart.



You know at first I read that as Antifa BEING the Response Unit, and that Walmart had decided to join the hashtag resistance.


don;t know anything about this and haven’t watched the video but it wouldn’t be unheard of for an organisation to allow one or two rogue elements to diverge from central policy so they can point to them as evidence of their impartiality/diversity.
Bit like Claire Short in the build up to Iraq.


Oh good



Just posting this in here - funniest thing I’ve seen in years



Have you seen the video of him confronting his ex-gf outside that nightclub and getting fucking owned by his ex, her friend and the bouncers, amazing.


I really want to see that, I need some Schadenfreude atm.

Is this account satire? I mean, I know Vic Berger is, but is Bakedalaska an actual real person asking some old guy about twitter til he gets shouted at?


He’s like Paul Joseph Watson, where he’s definitely a real fash nobhead but he’s also just about smart enough to know (after the fact) when he’s said something really stupid or over the line, at which point he’s like “aha, I did satire and you fell for it you triggered lib”.



Broken link, this works tho




Oh god




:'D ffs