Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


He just fucking makes stuff up! It’s unreal.




maximum guardian innit




Bloody hell that’s horseshit of the highest order


Yeah, but he’s basically just like Nixon. The same guy. Trump is Nixon.


Presume this is basically going to say the same sort of thing as that article calling her alt-right.


Er…I’ve got news for you Susan…


1/4 of his time as President spent playing golf.


Let me stop you right there, Guardian.


“Your favorite President (me)” belongs in a museum.


Word is he’s trying to force the sale of CNN to someone a bit more bigot-friendly, probably Murdoch.

TIME also about to change hands.


He’s now getting into the realms where i think he can’t actually be serious and he’s just trolling us all.


This took place in front of an Andrew Jackson portrait! Utterly disgusting and deliberate.


Is that ‘not including Fox’ because they’d be runaway winners?

A big fan of the recent use of ‘your favorite president’ in his tweets though.


This is unbelievable:


this is very entertaining…

“successfully penetrated the DNC email server” :joy::joy: They were phishing links. The Kremlin outsourced the job to some 15 year old nerds in Macedonia you pricks, it wasn’t The Matrix.


What’s a real letdown is that Vox are actually capable of some fairly good analysis when they’re not chasing ghosts over Russia and shilling for the Clintons. e.g., their coverage of the early part of the Syrian civil war was actually a thoughtful, solid primer for Western readers.


What the Tobias Fünke…