Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever




The guy who wrote that piece is connected to the Spanish government and describes one headline about the police riot on referendum day - “Police beat peaceful protestors” - as fake news, even though that is what happened.

I find this Russiagate stuff really reckless and distasteful tbh; everyone is slowly twigging that, like with Trump, blaming everything shit on the Russians is a get out of jail card. Brexit, Catalonia, and now bringing Venezuela into it when they’re at such a crisis point makes me think there are other agendas at work here. Look at the replies to that lady’s tweet - so much xenophobia and conspiracy theorizing and wink-wink warmongering. All this paranoia could escalate some pretty terrible situations around Europe and in America if we’re not careful.

It’s very good business for a lot of government and media people tho, so at least there’s that.


You did better than me to get beyond the bullshit intro. I mean, come on

97% percent came from Russian & Venezuelan propaganda networks


But, yeah, another opportunity to crowbar in a mention of this week’s baddies that we’re supposed to be getting into a lather over.


But, yeah, another opportunity to crowbar in a mention of this week’s baddies that we’re supposed to be getting into a lather over.

Oh yeah, and all this hysteria about Russia is going to make someone as thin-skinned as Trump cave every time Democrats and neocons neg him over Putin. Already happened I guess and now there’s a really good chance more people will die because Hillary’s fans want the host of The Apprentice to keep proving his loyalty to “America”.


Astounded in my ability to still be surprised but the president of the USA retweeting a Britain First member three times is fucking unbelievable.


absolutely unbelievable.

Just straight up anti muslim propaganda.


I’m confused. Putting the 97% figure to one side as bollocks, are we saying that there’s not a fucking huge issue with Rusian-driven propaganda online? Pretty much everything i’ve read suggests more tip of the iceberg than desperate overblown leftie conspiracy.


I mean…



When an Infowars correspondent tells you’ve probably gone too far…you’ve probably gone too far.


His most recent tweets read like a man who’s seriously descending into Alzheimers. I really don’t know for how much longer they can keep propping him up.

Having said that, they managed it with Reagan.


So… what exactly are they trying to divert people from today?


I assume the fact that it hasn’t been withdrawn / desperately deleted after a few hours and significant press coverage means that he is standing by the tweets?


Still at the ‘this is all a cunning distraction’ stage, eh? Guy’s got holes in his brain. It’s that simple.


can’t quite tell if this stuff is just the usual compulsive lying, refusal to accept any responsibility for anything and his usual habit of undoing previous apologies by doubling down, or if he is actually starting to lose his grip on reality.

“He’s not certain it’s his voice”


Well it depends what you mean by propaganda I guess. That article in the tweet you linked to is itself propaganda. The saturation coverage of the Russia stuff by US media is propaganda. It’s so obvious a lot of it is planted in the press by Democrats or the CIA, people who hate Trump but not necessarily for principled reasons. It’s at the point now where even lots of liberals in America seem to think the US never had an issue with war crimes or racism until Russian trolls and RT reported about them. The Dems and Republicans made a bipartisan decision to go after RT based on suspect intelligence (RT was actually pro-Bernie if anything). Trying to shut down news outlets you don’t like is way sinister. They’re seeking to amplify Russian influence and minimize America’s systemic problems. They’re using this Russia stuff as a way to pressure Trump into doing really stupid shit to prove he isn’t Putin’s lapdog and further a neocon imperial agenda. So now he’s seriously considering arming Nazis in the Ukraine, for instance.


For instance this is getting a 10th of the coverage the Russia stuff is, and there’s a very clear reason for that: an authoritarian state is trying to clampdown on dissent and free speech by imprisoning dissidents and falsifying evidence against left wing protesters, but because that state is America it shouldn’t be discussed.


In fairness it’s tricky to know how seriously to take James O’Keefe, on one hand, he’s an actual convicted criminal who uses illegal strategies to try and generate stories. On the other, he has some serious money behind him which seems to be lending some legitimacy to his practices.


Yeah, and the government using this guy’s video to convict innocent people for protesting is next level. It’s actually a Putin move! I mean some of them are facing 20, 30 years in jail just for being in the vicinity of a burning limo. Terrifying. But it’s barely made a ripple anywhere. If Putin or Maduro did this it’d be wall-to-wall global coverage with op-eds calling for armed intervention from the UN/NATO.

Sometimes the shittiness of it all feels a bit overwhelming.


Dunno what this is in reference to but the people defending the borders in Donbass aren’t “Nazis” if that’s what you’re getting at


Same goes for this knob. wanker