Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


Not sure if trolling. I mean #notall Ukrainians fighting the Russians are neonazis but quite a lot…are?




may really standing up to him, there


There are two possible scenarios:

  1. A stupid Alzheimer’s-y racist guy is president, but has some degree of low cunning to try and throw people off the bait (or has advisers that do)
  2. A stupid Alzheimer’s-y racist guy is president, and he’s just stupid, forgetful, and racist.

I mean, 99% of me knows it 2, but at least with option 1, there’s some way in which he might be acting it up a bit and this is all part of a clever game of 3.5-dimension cribbage or whatever. I’m just gonna cling to that mental life-raft until it’s fully submerged…


Good to see the BBC interviewing the Britain First person too and giving them a lengthy profile.


Parliament set to debate Trump’s response to May as an urgent question at 10.30.

Is this significant? It feels significant…I’ve just presumed May will back down as soon as things get hot because she needs all the trade allies she can get…but a debate may put too much pressure on her for that to happen.


Seeing as he goes off the rails at the slightest hint of criticism it feels like if the state visit gets cancelled he’s liable to do something pretty unstable in response.


So how he usually behaves then?


look at how desperate this is in a bid to get Trump to @ him. I hope Piers Morgan dies soon.


Hopefully he just nuke’s us and puts us all out of our misery.


i would like him to aim specifically at piers morgan if possible


The government is literally terrified of annoying him isn’t it. May wouldn’t even give a straight yes to the question of whether a cabinet minister would be instantly sacked for retweeting Britain First.


At the moment she’s got so little power that she couldn’t sack a cabinet minister if they stripped off naked and did a poo on the queen’s face during the state opening of parliament, then authorised the genocide of all cis white males.


Jo Cox’s husband was dunking on Trump earlier, love that guy.

May ought to be ashamed of herself.



The grim inevitability that the last word of a DM comment piece will be ‘Brexit’


So Flynn’s cooperation means something big. Trying to understand it and weed out “this means everything is finished for trump” comments is infuriating, but this helped a bit


Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Manafort skipped bail.


Feel like Seth Abramson is the person I’ve read the most tweets by ever, and I don’t even follow him…


they’ve flipped him is what i heard, and trump apparently can pardon him but he has to time it right otherwise the feds will hit flynn with heavier charges.


There’s recently been evidence he was part of a kidnapping plot, too.

lol wtf