Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


I would take everything he says (and boy, does he say A LOT) with a huge pinch of salt.


Probably the rumoured Gülen one, no?


He’s mostly been fairly spot-on hasn’t he? Like, he said Clovis would go (and I had no idea who that guy was), and then he was suddenly gone.

At this point, what is there to take with a pinch of salt?


He’s spent nearly 18 months flinging as much as he can out there and maybe 1 in 10 of his tweets actually has some basis in reality to the extent that I think it’s much more likely that it’s a total fluke when he hits.

This is from back in April, and it’s only gotten worse since then.


Sure this guy did a 122-post Twitter thread at one point.


i would guess this:

in a world where they did iraq and nobody got arrested for war crimes…kind of insane to say this is bigger than watergate. and this is transparently stupid:

he’s not a bond villain ffs.


also i think our own leaders and their mates in high finance are doing a pretty good job of demolishing western democracy without much help from vlad and his teenage hackers in macedonia.


I think people are being a bit naive about Putin, his aims and the scale of his power. I think we can say this without being accused of being naive about the other reasons Trump won the presidency or the sudden shift right in parts of Europe. The insinuation that these two opinions are opposites of the same scale is quite dangerous.


Can see he talks a whole lot of stuff, so that might kinda be true, but most of what I’ve read him talk about in the past has ended up being fairly bang-on (though yeah he goes off the deep-end a bit sometimes) - the thing about Sam Clovis when the Papadopoulos indictment happened struck me as something that seemed out-there at the time, but ended up pretty much happening. Like, none of this rant from before Papadopoulos was arrested has turned out to be nonsense, yet:


The rest of what that Paste article says seems to just be ad-hominem stuff - that he’s a self-promoter and a bit of a grifter - seems fair enough given what they talk about in that article, but I still think he does a good job of vaguely summarising developments.


With that said, I suddenly feel like he’s basically a Trump-version of the Preston Jacobs guy who does two hour videos about bat-shit weird theories on how Daenerys Tagaryen is Jon Snow’s twin sister, and how Robin Arryn is a greenseer, and now I can’t get that comparison out of my head…


Do you think that at any stage it might have crossed his mind that Twitter isn’t the right platform for him?


just use twitter to link to an article you fucking dolt


Nobody’s being naive about Putin here, though. He is a serious guy and he’s a bad person. It’s just well known how far Western security services and media will go to spin a narrative. Russiagate is a convenient scapegoat for the rise of Trump, Brexit, a failed economic order, rising fascism, etc. I mean, it turns out Russia is really a bit player in this…

“…and other countries.” jfc, they say RT is the sole propaganda outlet.

More detail from electronicintifada:

The single count charges that Flynn lied to federal investigators about two conversations; in the first, on 22 December, Flynn asked the Russian envoy to delay or defeat the UN Security Council vote condemning Israel’s settlements.

In the second conversation, a week later, Flynn had asked the Russian government to refrain from retaliating harshly to sanctions imposed by the Obama administration – an act, ironically, that would benefit the United States.

According to the charge sheet, Flynn made false statements to the FBI about these conversations during questioning on 24 January 2017, days after Trump took office and Flynn was already National Security Adviser.

I’m sure there’ll be more revelations but the real scandal so far is right there; Israel had the US prez in waiting lobbying Russia to help Israel continue their campaign of terrorism and ethnic cleansing. And Trump had his boys do it despite his own president abstaining from that UN vote. Turkey have also been paying Flynn “consultancy fees” but the feds have dropped charges of bribery.


So, they’ve got the tax bill through that will fuck over millions of normal people. Are they going to get rid of him somehow? I heard that a lot of Republicans were just waiting on that?

I also heard rumours that Flynn was going to name Trump, but it’s Kushner.


Poisons former intelligence officer with polonium-210


Just a private jet exemption here. Nothing crazy about that. As far as I can tell we are about a grand worse off but it doesn’t kick in for two years. Incredible levels of shit housery. There’s also something being called the ‘de vos’ exemption. Can’t even be arsed to look that one up


It’s remarkable about how blatant it all is. They’re barely even trying to justify it along the lines of trickle-down economics. They’ve knocked down ladders everywhere in education and small business owning. It’s just a handful of incredibly rich old white guys making themselves even more rich at the expense of absolutely everyone else.


I’m sure Trump voters will turn on him over this and hahahahahha who are we kidding, they’re too stupid and racist to care


Are there any countries where instead of voting parties in the public vote on all major issues? Direct democracy, or whatever? Have there been any examples of anyone even trying it?


Switzerland is probably as close as it gets: https://inews.co.uk/explainers/iq/switzerland-held-9-referendums-already-2016/