Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever


That would be an absolute disaster because people would be voting completely selfishly on issues they don’t even understand.


jesus christ


Big news day over here but in the states shit has taken a big shambling lurch closer to implosion…

The new tax bill contains within it a number of provisions redefining what a viable pregnancy is, opens up protected wilderness for resource stripping, and has transferred upwards of a trillion dollars to the one percent. They have plans in the works to cut CHIP, too.

Meanwhile the J20 protesters are getting barely any coverage which recognises the trials for what they are, there are genuine rumblings of an imminent war with either Iran or NK, and John McCain needs more twitter followers…

Feel very fortunate the next election is ours to lose tbh.


I guess this must be for Christians like we atheists feel when Dawkins opens his mouth


Hah hah, he’s now almost 17,000 away from 3M so I guess backing that Tax plan hella backfired.


We really are living in the Zone now.


This looks needlessly reckless. Might start stocking up on canned food.


was thinking yesterday nebbie, imagine if all of this shit trump and the courts and the gop are up to was happening in venezuela, or serbia, or iran or something. there’d be a shitstorm about it in the press, everybody stroking their chins and likely calling for sanctions or even nato intervention.

hardly a hot take but it steams my hams something rotten.


You gotta appease to please





Can’t wait for a particularly incompetent and murderous international Gestapo to kick down my front door.


Moving the us embassy to Jerusalem which will cause major bloodshed.


just read about that. heartbreaking for the palestinians. seen some scary talk of it being part of a wider strategy of provoking war with iran, too. the americans would get absolutely lit up if they tried that, it’s absolute madness.



Have we discussed that fucking Salon article?


Note, the article has come in for heavy criticism - I am referring mainly to the ludicrousness of the Tweets.


I’ve seen this discussed in a few other corners, can’t really get myself to feel much aside from schadenfreude over this tbh

Who knew that allying yourself with male reactionaries would have consequences as far as them recognizing your rights as an individual.


lost for words really.


Maybe it’s more appropriate for the heavy-handed satire thread, but I thought this tweet nicely summed up Trump’s claim that current efforts hadn’t yet brought piece


it’s okay, he’s woke as fuck now: