Xylo presents: Trump 2017 – Biglier than ever






Do you think they’ll try and assemble a Trump presidential library from scraps of material somewhere in post-nuclear New York?


I would totally buy a DVD of the ‘best bits’ of Trump’s first year. Comedy of the year.



i’m just worried that trump as potus will conclude like blackadder goes forth where it’s all been hilarious until EVERYONE DOES HORRIBLY


at what?


Trump’s America…


fuck :joy:


Fucking hate people taking hold of my arms like that. It’s horrid. And, in this case, a powerplay.

Absolutely ridiculous overcompensation by the guy, but the guy doing the arm holding, but the guy doing the holding cane across every bit as much of a chump (albeit in a different way) and I got the impression he knew full well that he was rubbing the #needlesslydefensive guy up the wrong way.

In summary: a pair of knobheads.


I think the homophobia’s worse than the touch on the arm.


I’d consider myself fairly sensitive to this sort of thing but I didn’t really see it like that as in it seemed more like he was reassuring the other guy that he was taking his comments seriously.

There’s actually some psychology behind it

“From my perspective, one of the best ways to establish rapport with someone is to touch that person on the arm, somewhere between the elbow and the shoulder”


Of course.


he’s missing out tbh


Nah. It’s an entirely unnecessary and unprofessional invasion of personal space.

A ridiculous retort from the insecure guy, obviously.


Just watched it again.

The arm holder saying ‘we need a sidebar’ is incredibly irksome, too.

Pair o’ jerks. Why the fuck is C4 News wasting it’s time with this shit?


Are you being serious?


Yeah not at work though. Ever.

Obviously I would not react the way that Republican guy did but if anyone touched me in a work situation even if it’s “reassuring” or whatever, I’m not having that.