Xylopwn's one to watch for 2017


This year’s Watsky. Watch him soar.

This is a fascinating insight into the human mind (ffo: Alan Partridge, Watsky)

you’ve just ruined my whole year by forcing me to watch this :disappointed_relieved:


This is what most rap sounds like to me.

Dare i say there’ll be stuff in some of your end of year best of lists that’s no better.


he reminds me of eminem !!


Reminds me of a pet hate. Rappers talking about how amazing they are while not showing it.

Like ok for a little while if you are going to get into the meat later. But lyrics that are 100% posturing disappoint me.


Nice shoes tho


Bit safe mate.

Posting this on the music forum.


Looks like he’s gone off him!



Why is it saying undefined? Is it because it’s a mobile link?



People are going in two footed on him now


Guys I will fully accept that Watsky is an embarrassing rapper to root for…

…after you’ve explained to me how the kind of language RTJ use about women on GOLD for example doesnt immediately render them irrelevant and beyond defending ever again.

Your move DiS


Separate to my post above though I just watched the Unkle Adams video. :smiley:

I assume pretty much immediately that he’s christian rap though right?


probably a nazi right?


why is he sitting down?


Knows his audience.


Why do they all want him to fuck their wives?