Xylopwn's one to watch for 2017

This year’s Watsky. Watch him soar.


This is what most rap sounds like to me.

Dare i say there’ll be stuff in some of your end of year best of lists that’s no better.

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he reminds me of eminem !!


Reminds me of a pet hate. Rappers talking about how amazing they are while not showing it.

Like ok for a little while if you are going to get into the meat later. But lyrics that are 100% posturing disappoint me.

Nice shoes tho

Bit safe mate.

Posting this on the music forum.

Looks like he’s gone off him!

Why is it saying undefined? Is it because it’s a mobile link?


People are going in two footed on him now

probably a nazi right?

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why is he sitting down?

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Knows his audience.

Why do they all want him to fuck their wives?