Y’all heard this “Benefits” bloke?

Started off being a Sleaford Mods rip off but the newer stuff is more interesting musically, sounds like Whitehouse in places (though Mods did support a Whitehouse spin off band a couple times so it’s not straying too far I guess)

Thought that was shit.

Released a new single a few weeks back

Weirdly first found out about them on the NME website early last year. Must still be good for somethings.

Increasingly convinced Benefits are going to be a bit of a big deal

Flag is a banger:

Good review of their London show here

First heard them supporting ILikeTrains.

Musically I quite liked them but I strongly dislike the lyrics and delivery of them. Like an Idles/Sleaford Mods (as you say) but even more on the nose IIRC

Arch Feminis are great too

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I like the music and he clearly has a blistering hatred for the tories and the british right in general – good luck to him.

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Benefits is Kingsley Hall, AKA Kingsley Chapman, formerly of the Chapman Family and Kingsley Chapman & the Murder.

Loved KC & the Murder but really not arsed about his other projects.

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Didn’t know this. Not sure if it got released or not but the lasts chapman family stuff I heard was good

Quite like the idea of this stuff but not sure I can ever listen to a lot.

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That made me feel incredibly uncomfortable as it went on. I liked it though. The subtle harsh noise build was ace.


That track definitely takes influence from

Well, I’m pretty sure it does

the first chapman family album was sick, i think there was another one but i never listened to it for some reason. pretty into this benefits stuff, don’t really hear the sleaford mods comparison but that might be coz i don’t like sleaford mods. obvs this sounds nothing like idles but for some reason everyone who likes sleaford mods likes idles :man_shrugging:

Which is ironic because Sleaford Mods HATE Idles.