Making a wuss-rock playlist.
Suggestions please DIS.

Stuff like Alan Parsons, Journey, Chicago

No Steely Dan please, you have the wrong genre.

got to have this in there


geniunely great song aye

stuff like this:

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What’s the one that’s just two chords over and over (sort of a 12/8 feel) where the chorus is like:

[1 2 3] la la laaaah laaaah la-la-lah lah
la la laaaah laaaah laaah

(the 1 2 3 isn’t in the song, it’s just counting you in)
the bold type is the ‘on’ beat)

Beside that one, I’d include this:

Doobies? or the Alans?

I was thinking that it was maybe The Eagles but I don’t know for certain

fucking hell man.
No Eagles please

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It might not be The Eagles

Lots of stuff in here, plus Katie Puckrik

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Lewis - Sitting by a river

what the hell is this? bass fishin’ rock

Don’t know if I’m on the right track but would the good stuff from L.A, Carl and the Passions and Love you count?


This might not be what you want I’M SORY

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Is this it?

Was convinced it was an Eagles song
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Yes! That’s the one. Thank you!