Yadrutas Daerht


Here’s my day:

Porridge and coffee :white_check_mark:
Wash bikes
Ride to the pub
Ride home
Sainsburys delivery
Make tiramisu
Pals over for dinner

Which is a shame cos I do fancy a lazy day tbh


Thought this was a Game of Thrones thread for a sec

  • coffee
  • run
  • shower
  • eggs on toast
  • cycle to mates
  • plan trains/hotels etc for euro 2020
  • pub for the late kick off
  • oven pizza
  • cycle home
  • bed
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I am sorry to disappoint

Back in kathmandu. Hotel rooms got the sports channels so been and got a bag o cans and gonna watch the football

  • :sneezing_face:
  • :face_with_thermometer:
  • :yawning_face:
  • :frowning:

Book into tomorrow’s gym classes :white_check_mark:
Have weetbix :white_check_mark:
Try to cure my constipation [In Progress]
Go pick up new bike
Ride it home
Finish my dress [In Progress]
Go for dinner somewhere

I have nothing to add to a GoT thread. But I am going to have a Saturday so it’s all good :slight_smile:

Only just got in


Morning all, anyway. I’ve got to go to a planning/strategy morning for the foodbank this morning. Going to make pizza and have pizza/film night with the family later. Not sure about the in-between bit yet.

Bit windy innit?

  • Clean house
  • Eat egg and veggie sausage muffin
  • Go see a cat for a possible adoption
  • Watch Burning
  • Run
  • Do some good sitting and watch Taskmaster
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Went to bed at 930 last night and the baby slept through until 630. Feel pretty refreshed as a result.

Going for a fancy lunch with the TV as a belated birthday meal for her then an excruciatingly long engineering works laden train back to Leeds with the baby after that…



Tea and Toast
Consider park run (hip is playing up a bit and weather is pish so probably just not bother)
Tidy/clean kitchen
Through to Edinburgh to meet gf after work for an Italian (they have vegan tiramisu so excited for that), maybe see if I can squeeze in some art or something.

  • Have shower and get ready
  • Go shopping
  • Have some breakfast if I fancy it, but definitely a cuppa
  • Play with kiddo
  • Drive to work
  • Potentially dismiss one of my guys

  • Home
  • Dinner
  • Bed
  • work
  • come home from work
  • eat something

That’s all I’ve got.

• Coffee
• Sit and look at my phone, maybe pick up a book
• Run
• Freelance projects which should be fun but feels like a bit of a chore
• make a couple of big batches of soup (one big standard chunky veg, one Fennel and chorizo)
• Prolly watch something on Mubi

• Nothing
• Absolutely nothing
• Bring it on.


Try to cure constipation :white_check_mark:


Had a sore throat which seems to have made its way down to my chest. Spent most of last night either shivering from being cold or sweating from overheating and now all my muscles are stiff and sore.

Feel like absolute shite tbqfh.

Plans are to wait for electrician to come around and fix the electricity in half the house after I shorted it out stripping wallpaper the other day and go and collect suits from the dry cleaners ready for work on Monday. What a day.

Haircut/dye (3 hrs)
Train to London (1 hr)
Housemate’s birthday thing in London (? hr)
Train back from London (1 hr)
Feeling like my throat has been the throat equivalent of disembowelled (24 hr)

I’m allowed to be annoyed that my housemate said a load of times that the venue was ‘literally right by’ London Bridge right? ‘right by’ = within 5 mins walk. Let’s not even get started on ‘literally’. It is almost 20 mins away! Fuming.

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