Yadrutas Daerht

Found my double ended wooden spoon. I’d put it on the floor.

Also, remembered that we now have Sky Sports Mix, which seems to show lots of NBA and has the 9ers game later.

Apologies, I know we’re very annoying.

Does anyone else stroke their own bum when they are lying in bed?

  • Yes, of course, it feels soft and nice
  • No, you weirdo
  • Maybe but I’m not embarrassing enough to talk about it in public
  • We should all be more open and comfortable with our bodies imo

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Oh no no no. Quite the opposite!!! It’s brilliant!!!


Hahaha :blush:. Glad someone enjoys our nonsense x

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Yes but it’s not soft, mainly to see if it’s got any hairier.


Slept all afternoon, not happy about that. Got bibimbap for tea, happy about that. Watching this scottish true crime doc that @anon32406580 recommended, really good so far. Today’s a write off, must be more productive tmrw.

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What’s this please?

Hang on


I’m not a very good guitarist but I get by. Some songs were ridiculous though, ‘Blackbird’ can fucking do one.

Will give this a watch later I think.


Last chance to vote in the Taylor Swift HGATR…

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Had it. It’s fine. 7/10.

It’s gone quiet. Is everyone busy having lives?

I was in the bath but I’m done now

No idea! Need to have a look. We watched John Wick the other week. It was … mad :smiley: Enjoy!

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I’m very conscious of posting too much after the stats thread. Gonna have dinner and play Football Manager instead.

Dreading Monday already, gonna be depressed because I had a heavy one last night.

At work innit