So… any Leeds DiSers looking for a pet can come to you shortly?

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Couldn’t @xylo and @meowington had the iced tea beeves about 2 weeks ago at the start of the warm weather.


Think I should probably start planning for June birthdays now to make sure I can get stuff in time. Sensible, right?

  • Yes, as if you’ll be able to get to shops by then and also delivery times are longer
  • Too soon

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Think I’m going to do a social media purge today.

Already started buying for Mrs F’s at the end of June.

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Bit gloomy innit.

Shocked youre on any tbh.

Apparently they’re all being kept because it can’t be guaranteed that any of them would go to a ‘good home’ (I don’t know if the current home which led to an unwanted guinea pregnancy counts as ‘good’ but there you have it)

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‘What did you do during quarantine?’
‘Accidentally started breeding Guinea pigs’


I made 2 sandwiches, the other is in the fridge ready for my wfh lunch break

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Good source of dog pics.

Good. Was scared you were counting that 1 sandwich as breakfast and lunch.

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Dog pics thread covers that need.

Cold sausage sandwich is one of life’s purest pleasures. Would have put the sausages in the fridge alone and made the sandwich up at lunchtime myself to avoid cold bread but you do you my friend.


I think you’re underestimating my needs.

Alright Keith Lard (contemporaneous reference for you there)

Morning! Got some data to crunch and that. Had a dream about getting stuck in a collapsed water tube slide so that was not good.

R has decided to teach himself the guitar so I am.enjoying helping that along.

Looking forward to the quiz later.

HB to plastic Mike…hope he enjoys his pastries!


it’s my monday and the week’s already shit

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.