what’s an acceptable time of day to start quaffing pringles

Anxiety’s even worse than usual. Having to work closely with my boss on stuff destroys me.

I have a 30min lunch break need to cut down on any uneccesary sandwich admin

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Morning all!

Despite the fact I’ve been working remotely for four weeks, I’ve got my first online class this morning. It is basically intended to clarify a series of power points and work booklets that I use at this time of year.

I’ll probably have leftover lentil soup for lunch and then we’re having sausagy potatoes for tea.

I might play some computer games and make some resources this afternoon.

9.30 - you don’t want people thinking you’re totally unprofessional.


5:42 am


my housemate’s been smoking herb at 8.30am most days and it’s giving the house an anything goes vibe


Is it easy to get a padlock off with bolt cutters? Asking for an idiot.

I don’t mind the rain - it’s not like we’re going anywhere - but it’s got REALLY cold with it. The heating’s back on, and I don’t care.

Morning, by the way.

nice carefully planned morning of work in advance of a meeting this afternoon… just had an email about something ‘urgent’ :grimacing: :angry:

the better the padlock the bigger the cutters youll need, but theyre pretty much like big scissors. just big leverage and sharp :man_shrugging:


Might see if I can get a handyman to do it, I don’t trust myself to not fuck it up.

3 nice biscuits for breakfast


I’ve got my mum’s to sort out in early June (carrot cake, no idea of present), then R’s in mid June (chocolate Robot cake, probably some lego?)

Just want to make it not rubbish for both so trying to think of ways to do that.

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depends on the lock and the bolt cutters, but probably yeah

can’t believe that’s all the good weather for the year finished and i never really got to go outside

Yeah best to leave plenty of time. I’ve got wife’s, mum’s and sister’s all within a month, the summer is expensive!

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Winter XII now I think.