Ya'll right DiS?


are ya?


that hair tho tbh fam




oh wait it’s saturday tbh


Hi Mehodor.

Love ya x


Hi Bam!

Aw mate, I’m super happy to hear from you. How are you keeping bruv? x


been tough but I’m rising to the challenge.

how are you?


What’s happenin mehodor?!
How’s your Saturday going?


Hi Lo-Pan :slight_smile:

My Saturday is going fine. I’ve just been observing a congregation of methadone folk doing some trades from my window outside boots. Considered going down and cold copping something off them but decided against it so it’s all good! Choices, Lo-Pan, life is all about making the right choices.

How are you? :3


You’re right ma man, it’s all about choices, I’m had you made the right one.
I’m fucking not too shabby ma man, the other half is baking bread and I’m drinking wine and listening to some records. :slight_smile:

What’s on tonight?


If anyone can do it, it’s you, Bam.

I’m really good today actually. I was bed bound for the past week with bad feels. Also I got brutally dumped by the girl I was seeing lol. But then someone from work reached out to me because he has depression and was really really nice and it totally restored all my faith in everything. I feel great.


Opened this thread and I was like MEWOAHDOR! Hey fella :+1:


Legend! That sounds pretty wonderful. Ah the smell of baking bread <3

Tonight I’m going to my mates for a symbel

it’s really cool. We’ve created this small community where we get together and swear to eachother on what to improve about ourselves and we all say prayers and stuff. It’s really enriching for the soul



your post just made me giddy

how are ya???


I’m absolutely great, thank you! I trust much the same of your awesome self. Nice to see you around :grin:


Yassssssssssssssssss! Share the love <3 glad to hear you’re absolutely great :smiley:


oh and what’s on tonight? :3


The smell of freshly baked bread is awesome :slight_smile:
It’s also tasting pretty fucking good.

That sounds Fucking well interesting ma man. Have you been to one before?


Doesn’t it just! Enjoy it, brother :3

Yeah we try to do it at least once a month. It’s my favourite time of year. It’s amazing to share some kind of kinship with people and be held accountable to them and know you built it all yourself. DIY PUNK AS FUCK

quiet night in tonight? :slight_smile:


Ooooh not a lot here. My mum went mad and bought a pub, so I said I’d work tonight as loads of people are off. Going to be a busy one, Xmas parties already started… aren’t they all so… NEEDY. Stops me going out and wanking away £40 on booze and food though, and get paid to do it, so woo yay etc.

Got any plans?