Ya'll right DiS?


Will do paisan :slight_smile:
Sounds good ma man ^5

Yeah, lots of wine and food tonight, one of my all time dogs is coming round later as he’s been having a shit time of it, so gonna chew the fat and listen to records and try and haul him out his rut!


She bought a what?! :slight_smile:


a pube





bought a pub, woah! Oh man, christmas parties. I only just realised yesterday that it’s 4 weeks until christmas. That’s nothing.

Having a little get together at my mate’s :slight_smile: should be enriching! Try to have fun tonight!


I can see you’re a good friend man

The amount of times people have done that for me makes me so thankful. I do it for them too of course but yeah, you’re a legend


Hey, like you said I’m
Just doing for him what he’d do for me.
All for one and one for all and all that! :slight_smile:




so where’s this pub @twentynine_winegums ?


what a tumultuous week!

It’s been a bad one for me really, one of my best mates died last weekend, I’ve been drinking quite a bit and just shutting everything out. Feel like I’m coming out the other side now though. Life is shit deal with it and make it work for you!


Winchesterrrrr. Proper ol’ country pub style.


ah shit :confused: really sorry to hear that Bam. Dreading the day I lose a loved one. Hope you’re taking enough time out to grieve and process it fully. You’re right though, it’s shite but you just have to work with it huh


yeah well he’s had cancer for some time but the end was pretty sudden. Nothing really prepares you. I’m coping though. Many good memories still


fuck sake. I can imagine yeah. keep those good memories alive


There was a really good sunset earlier :heart_eyes:


awesome! I posted the sunset here on snpchat


My camera roll is mostly sky haha, lots of good sunrises and sunsets. Also a photo of this :D(bought the badge version of moe in his dressing gown)


this is incredible


It’s so good! Got this bag too



tempted to get a bus to the big smoke to go to a gig on a boat but $$ is running mildly low. But it also sounds like great craic.

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