Yay the BBC

I can’t imagine this’ll get much love.

But. For all you Beeb bashers, I beg you listen to Have you Heard George’s Podcast? from tonight. I listened to it on the way home tonight (11pm tonight on R4) and it was fucking brilliant. The kind of thing you will not hear on any other kind of mainstream radio platform.

For all the shit the Beeb get on here (very occasionally warranted in my view) let’s give some props to some outstanding broadcasting that would not get airtime anywhere else.

(Tried a similar thread not so long ago and it got shot down so fully expecting tonnes of ‘Yeah, but Laura K’ posts.)


Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6Music


Think the budget and the proper marketing they’ve given to Adam Curtis’ projects over the years is really commendable and that sort of documentary maker would get nowhere near that platform if the BBC didn’t exist


Least insufferable sports coverage available (any sport it shows)


Needs an inverdale caveat here


Worst bloke in broadcasting, agreed, but would take 4 minutes of Inverdale trying to spin an England loss being the fault of Odin and the groundsmen and several thousand remoaner prayers over Ray Winstone’s floating CGI mug bellowing at me to lose money whenever play stops for longer than five seconds :man_shrugging: Will just always have the advantage of not being quite so destroyed by the market


The volume of free live and on demand Glastonbury coverage is properly amazing


Also they did a pretty good job with the women’s world Cup this year and were a big part in it gaining so much traction. Shame they’ve fucked it by not capitalising on that momentum to push the wsl more than the tiny highlights package tucked away in the schedule


They have shown some games live on the BBC website, but I agree, some Sunday lunchtime WSL football feels like a bit opportunity missed.

That said, their Olympic coverage is usually bang on. Love an international sporting event on the Beeb.


Least insufferable news channel


Big time. The world Cup got so much from being in a place where people channel hopping would end up watching, online coverage doesn’t give that opportunity

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Worst thing about it is that once the Premier League take over the WSL, it’s gonna end up. being on Pay TV. Real opportunity for the Beeb to stake a claim with the incoming Labour Government…

Hopefully it will have the same success growing the game as pay TV has had with test cricket over the past 14 years :crossed_fingers:

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To be fair, most of their output is pretty excellent. It’s let down by some utter turds and some horrific company cultural problems.


Imagined Adam Curtis doing sports coverage

“Sheffield Wednesday were two points ahead in the first half… but this was just a fantasy.”


Yeah, can always hear it really clearly

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It’s basically just the news and current affairs bit that garners our scorn, isn’t it? And even then it seems to be pretty specific the political side rather than rants about how You and Yours is chatting shit again.

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A strange but brilliant catalonian had come to argue that we no longer needed centre backs, and the rest of the league simply went along with it


Terrible value for money for the average person, imo