Yay the BBC

Terrible value for money for the average person, imo

This happened on it


whats it about

Except when showing football games involving England.

There’s probably some middle ground we can reach where the BBC can function as a production studio for entertainment shows and run radio networks, but it’s role as a public service broadcaster and particularly as a journalistic enterprise is somewhat suspect (though what news outlet isn’t these days).

Nature documentaries are top notch.


Its pretty…sufferable

Newsnight and Spiral is all I have on series link. That’s all I watch of The BBC.


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I think that Mart Anne Hobbs has the best sounding voice of anyone in the world.


Newsnight is rubbish though


6music/Lamacq have given my band a nice amount of coverage

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It’s as good as current affairs gets on terrestrial TV. Emily Matliss and Emma Barnett are far far better than Paxman. So glad he’s gone.

People Just Do Nothing

Don’t know if they do anything good really.

Sometimes their history stuff is ok but why do they need to fly some smart arse tory historian around the world to tell you about china/the romans etc. Also too much patriotic guff about tudors, victorians etc

just abolish it, keep the licence fee and set up something where people can apply for funding for arts grants etc to create small independent documentaries/albums/youtube documentaries etc. Some guidelines to stop fascists getting the money obviously

I know what you’re saying, but one of the major benefits of the BBC is the platform it can give to (although doesn’t do often enough) content/film-makers to allow them to be seen by more than a couple of dozen people.

Also, people object to the licence fee enough already for a service they use daily: if it was being given to pay for arts grants, half the population would flat out refuse to pay it.


well there’s probably some way for them to have reach and elevate independent stuff without them having crap documentaries about monarchs made by and for Tories.

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[Cut to 2 minutes of slow-motion footage of Benito Carbone highlights with Eric Cantona’s seagulls speech over the top]



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