YBF! Technical advice and sharing thread

I was taking a video of something the other day and in the top corner I captured a woman stack it on a slippery floor and biff her bonce on a low cupboard. Am I going to get £250 for this? Can you send in strangers in pain?




the sign!


Think you just send this stuff into Fail Army nowadays, grandad.

You’ve got a great eye for framing and composition, friend.

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Were you taking a video of a cavity search?

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The main part of the screen is my son eating a chocolate (Movenpick) ice cream with it all round his gob and face. I could probably score double on this one.

please do this

What is a Movenpick ice cream?

Seems like a photo would have been sufficient in this case.

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A very tasty brand of Swiss ice cream.


Does anyone seriously believe that Balonz didn’t make his son push the woman over while he filmed it?

I wish I had some vague skills that could edit just the bit of her falling as she is all ‘ain’t no thang’ and just gets on with it, doesn’t even look to see if she has been clocked.

although eric isn’t busy at the moment.

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send it to me, i’ll sort it

I am glad you and your family managed to locate and eat some Movenpick.

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i can confirm that the woman does indeed prang her head right good

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Did you do a lol?

it actually sounds pretty painful so i was a bit more ‘oooooooh’ but the way she styles it out and walks off is hilarious