Ye olde Christmas eve thread 🎄 🎄 🎄



What ya got happening? Gonna travel down to my dad’s in hampshire later, and commence doing nothing but drinking for a few days. Wbu?




good morn

I have an awful lot of wrapping to do today, no more shopping though so at least there’s that. already thinking about how early is appropriate to start drinking…




Driving up to Leeds. Aiming to leave by 10 so should be on the road by 10:30…


:thinking:how nice






Right now I’m in bed hungover :frowning:

Annoyingly, I need to run into town and get one more thing for my dad. Then just tidy the house ready for the family tomorrow.


my dad’s just text me asking what to buy my wife for xmas. smh.


“It’s 5 o’clock in Moscow” :beers::beers::cocktail:


South London to Essex for us. Not far but could be a shite journey, whatever route we choose. Drink and drugs free Christmas for the first time in 25 years, but as we’ve managed it for the whole year it should be fine. Bought five different types of tea and some club mate instead!

Once we’ve celebrated being sober for the year at New Year, I’m going to have to stop banging on about it like it’s a big thing.


I was eyeing the port rather than the vodka but rules are rules


Congratulations. It is a big deal and you should be proud.


should really go to the gym today if it’s open, is that allowed?

  • it’s fine
  • get tae fuck

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We’re doing a family Christmas Eve breakfast at a Toby Carvery at 10:15. We’ve never done it before not sure if it’s a weird thing to do.


It’s 8.58am in Porto so…


Thanks! I definitely feel better for it mentally. That last year had a lot of mornings waking up and hating myself for drinking the night before…


Morning :christmas_tree:

Need to drop off some presents then I’m picking my relatives up from Heathrow around midday so once that is all done I could potentially be in the pub by like 3/4pm.


getting some packing done to head back to my mum’s for xmas.

:thumbsup: last day of work before christmas, yesterday :slight_smile:

:thumbsdown: last day of work ever yesterday :frowning: