Yeah, Elbow suck... BUT


Asleep in the Back is one of the best albums of all time. Cheers.











One of the best belly laugh moments of that Tom Waits documentary is when yer walrus man from Elbow said "Well who isn’t looking for cinematic romance in their everyday lives?"
Because the answer is people who buy Elbow records


he was a proper plonker on there. ‘i can recite every line of that song…’ then forgets the second line


"My wife didn’t like him, said he was scary, so I said what if I repeat every line back at you? And now she loves him."


ye, i’ve avoided that documentary cos Guy just seems like a twit

honestly though, their debut is fucking wonderful.

everything since has been largely forgettable




Has anyone ever told you the man has an obsession/go-to-back up lyric with eyes?


I heard this rumour too! I also heard that they had a song which became popular shudders


They’re no Kate Tempest




how much of a body can be created from this sort of thing?

  • Guy Garvey - Eyes
  • Trent Reznor - Knees





Trent also has pigs.
Think we did this on the old boards but can’t be arsed googling it.


yeah, we certainly did. I can’t remember how many other people offered parts of our mutant’s body though.


I, for one, would be delighted to see a new iteration of the thread.