Yeah it's Monday again, sorry everyone.

Flagged and blocked

Morning all!

It’s my wedding anniversary today so we’re going out for breakfast, collecting The Child from her grandparents and taking her back to Glasgow for the Andy and The Odd Socks matinee performance.


I think he’s Welsh.


Colleague mentioned being at a wedding over the weekend so I said that I’m attending one this evening. They were a bit confused by the idea of a Monday evening wedding but have just about been getting through the questions (friends, bit of a mystery wedding, will probably just wear what I’ve got on now). May struggle if asked how it went tomorrow. @anon75298087 @HobbesWhenHeWasNew @grievoustim


Oh Lord this is too much

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Happy Warnsday! :partying_face:


He’s English until he’s Welsh


Wales. Golf. Batman. In that order.


Happy Anniversary Keith


hi there

i’ve not had a proper sleep since wednesday thanks to recurrence of my surgical nerve pain. i’m technically in a series of sessions with pain psycologists, but i’ve had one session and it was the intro one… and this is kicking my arse.

it’s hard to reframe your mind that pain isn’t a signal to change something; like, it’s chronic and flaring up and really fucking sore. it is hard to concentrate.

to make matters worse, i’ve got a bunch of meetings this morning, fucks sake. why?


Good morning DiS!

It’s a beautiful day out there. On my way into central london for another glorious day of work. I cant wait for another opportunity to be a productive member of society. :blush:



Yep, it’s Monday. Have already been aggressively been shouted at for removing Covid protection. Apparently it’s my fault that the government have got rid of all rules around covid protection

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Morning team. Very tired and hungover here really need to get up and have some breakfast before the drinking starts again

Im off, Gf is off ill, gonna sit around, eat one of those Simon Howie vgn breakfast packs and maybe watch Summer of Soul.

tw: health

best friend’s mum has been moved to intensive care after a month in hospital. Come on Nahid, we’re all rooting for you :heart:

Fucking hell for all our whinging my mum has been so lucky so far.


Just thought I’d give that Confidence Man album everyone’s raving about a go, see what all the fuss is about. That’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

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Matching nose rings might draw comment.

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Off work for the week. Currently staying with the in-laws. Weather is miserable and toddler is looking restless…

hope everything turns out alright for you all there


Working from home because its too soggy to leave the house.

Im bored. Send gifs