Yeah samphire

This is the samphire thread.

Samphire is a bit like asparagus, but thinner, and a LOT saltier. It’s one of the tastiest things I know of.

So let’s talk about samphire! Recipes, memories, poetry, paintings. Samphire. Samphire. Samphire.

is this a real thing?

If I google it will end up with a bunch of elderly people fisting each other or something?


It’s real, my friend.

can’t really remember what asparagus tastes like or if I’ve ever had it, is it analogous to anything else?

I compared samphire to asaparagus mainly because of the way it looks and it’s texture. In terms of taste they’re worlds apart.

Asparagus is ever so slightly sweet. Samphire is naturally salty.

what’s it used in?

(I’m trying here!)

Often served with fish, isn’t it?

I don’t eat much fish and so don’t eat much samphire.

What Epimer says is true - it’s usually served as a side dish to fish.

Like Epimer, I don’t eat much fish. And that’s a major reason why I started this thread! I’m wondering if anyone has any non-fish samphire recipes.

Samphire soup might be nice.

It’s nice stuff. One of those things that’s you only have on holiday.

Unless you’re rick fucking stein.

You’re not rick fucking stein are you?


I’m not, I swear.

ah that explains why I’d never heard of it, don’t like fish :frowning:

Bit quick to deny.

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This isn’t about me. This is about samphire.

Ok - I had a jar of pickled stuff in the cupboard for ages. Threw it out in the end.

True story.

If I lived somewhere where it grew (coastal I guess) I’d probably forage it like fuck.

It goes well with potatoes. Like this (use aïoli from a jar, like a normal person obviously):

Get fucked Yotom


Oh, FIT.

Pork chops, mash, samphire, cider gravy… oh my fuuuuuu…

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Might try that with pork quorn. It tastes exactly the same!