Yeah, so it's Tuesday again

Alright? It’s the worst day of the week again, but soon it’ll be over and done with so that’s something. Got a full on day at work, then got to go to the solicitors with some house forms. That’s about it for me, but what about you?

Planned a big sleep last night, naturally managed about 3 hours instead. At least i finished my book.

Meant to be in Birmingham but instead I’m off to Leeds. An £800 per person conference and just read there’s no free lunch. Refuse to believe it and it’ll be my question at every q&a session of the day.


Would also like to point out that all of the other 8 atttendees from my company are “important” and in case i didn’t know that, they all have hotel rooms there for 4 nights whereas i have to travel there each day :joy: cant give me any false ideas about my ranking can they.

I’m in a horrible mood. Baby is having a very hard time to sleep atm, I am tired even before that, and work is stressful. These ingredients don’t make a delicious stew.

The sun’s out at least.


Off to work any minute now. Just as soon as I can be bothered to put my shoes on. Won’t be long now.

Hoping we might finally exchange on the house move today. Today might be the day where the solicitor at the bottom of the chain actually does their job.

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Got a cold so I am misery (done the test - ) , still so tired after the weekend but the last 2 night I’ve slept for like 2 hours then been in weird dream, half awake mode for the rest of the night



that’s all i got


Supposed to be going into the office today but considering instead just… not

Morning all!

Another day; another picket line.

At least weather doesn’t look awful yet.

I’ve had a bagel for breakfast but there is no way I’m not eating again before mid morning.

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Morning folks.

My mood was fucking rotten yesterday, absolutely awful. It feels better today, which is good. Felt very oppressive. Lighter today.

Coffee is particularly good this morning, and I wish I knew why it sometimes is just amazing and other times less passable.

Hopefully going to get my work trip to Paris sorted soon, so I can then plan the family going to canada.

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Give up. Naff night, knackered.

Hopefully will hear back about my laptop today. £225 repairs or £500 ones and it making more sense to blow a grand on a new one? Let’s find out! ( :grimacing: )

Back to work after a week and a half off but I went through my emails last night to prepare myself, doesn’t look like any impending apocalypses on the horizon…

Had a dream that my friend didn’t wish me happy birthday (he didn’t, actually) and then that he wished someone else happy birthday today and brought them loads of snacks and gifts and I absolutely flipped out and stormed off down 7 flights of stairs. Also we were in Afghanistan and trying to avoid the Taliban at the same time.

Few hours in work before I fly into Paris where me and my bro have a wee night before meeting up with my other bro and some friends in Seville tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face::sun_with_face:


One of those days when I’ve only got like 6 small & simple things to do which won’t take much time & effort… so I’ve been up since 6:45 not doing them

On the other hand it is the perfect morning to sit in the sun on the balcony and drink a double espresso while reading DiS


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Looks warm today and have work, so sun screen needs to be located. Have 2 tasks/decisions that are constantly bugging me at the moment - so intend to make the call on them as well.
Also wishing I didn’t support Arsenal.

Ok, i’ve turned it around lads. Got a flask of chai to get me through the lunch free day, the sun is out, just had an unexpected big cuddle in the train station, and about to whizz through the Calder Valley on the train :heart_eyes: sending all the other grumpy babes the same nice vibes :revolving_hearts:


Morning all,

My mood is all over the place recently, feel really glum even though it’s a gorgeous day and I slept alright and I got the wordle in 2 etc.

Gonna see if some summery tunes on the sunny walk to the train station can turn things around.

2 job interviews and a room viewing today. Stressful.


Good luck!