Yeah Yeah Yeahs anouncement tomorrow

Probably a Fever To Tell reissue, which would be swell :slight_smile:

Or maybe touring fever to tell :+1::grinning:


:smiley::ok_hand: or both

I saw them play Fever To Tell in full at 10 Years of ATP it was amazing :wink:


Would love to see them live.

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Fucking great live, she’s just fuckjng amazing


Did anyone else see them at the Garage in London in 2002? I remember Har Mar Superstar wandering around the audience in his underpants, although at that time I thought he was just some weirdo in the crowd. Who was the middle band? I seem to remember it was actually someone notable but my mind is doing a blank.

Wouldn’t mind a new album as well, Mosquito was a bit disappointing but Sacrilege is one of their best songs


Me too. It was SO GOOD!

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I was at the zodiac show of that tour, think it was the moldy peaches

The first time I ever saw them was as support act for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in 2002. They were ok live. It was before their debut album came out.

The best I’ve seen them was them touring It’s Blitz at Shepherds Bush Empire.

i saw them live at an ATP when Karen was too drunk to play really, came out 45 minutes late and then insulted the crowd and fucked off after a couple of songs. I thought it was quite funny tbh.
(It probably wasn’t the time people are saying was amazing)

I would definitely have enjoyed that. Right up my streer in terms of what I want to see onstage.


10 years of atp they were 45mins Kate’s and went “hey fuckers we just got here” as they came out to a chorus of boos due to being so late, don’t recall karen leaving the stage.

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There is an extremely high likelihood I am mixing memories

This morning I am thinking it was Liars with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Har Mar Superstar. Could that be a possibility?

didnt they take The Locust with them once to extreme confusion from some people?

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Looks like it’s definitely a Fever to Tell reissue - what seems to be a b side has just popped up

Tbh after Mosquito, a Fever to Tell anniversary tour is probably exactly what they need to do

I saw them supporting Jon Spencer at The Metro in Sydney because I’m so international.

I actually only went for YYYs (think it was just around when their second EP had come out but before Fever To Tell) but Blues Explosion were good too - that must have been literally just before Jack White stole Jon Spencer’s career…

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Pretty sure YYYs were first on the bill before McLusky and Liars at the garage pretty early on - could have been 2002 (not good at remembering that sort of thing).

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It’s one of those gigs that I hadn’t actually planned to go to. Probably didn’t realise it was happening, for some reason. But a friend of mine worked in the ticket office and would pretend that I’d paid her and give me a ticket. So I was in the venue quite frequently. The security staff recognised me as I walked past and shouted, “Aren’t you coming in today?” I replied, “Didn’t know there was anything on.” Security woman says, “I think you’d like it. Here, I’ve got a spare ticket.” And in I went. Spontaneous stuff like that often turns out good.