Yearly friend remit

made/lost any friends in the past year?


  • two people from my last job who I’m now mega close with. going out to Denmark to visit one of them in May actually!
  • through video games I’ve got a lot closer with someone I’d been friends with for like 5 years which is nice
  • one of my ATDs got married and her husband is sick. funny fact - he’s the guy who did the vocals for the We Are Your Friends remix. how about that?


  • old school friend that moved in last year. turned out she was massively manipulative and just an all round weirdo. fell out with her towards the end of 2015 and she moved out in April last year.
  • some guy at my old work that I used to sometimes hang out with, but found him increasingly irritating. just stopped responding to his texts/invites to stuff in the end. feel a bit bad about it, but he was a bit of an arsehole anyway.


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I made friends with a penoid couple, then they immediately moved to Scotland. Harsh.

through the ol’ cards?

Didn’t gain any friends, didn’t lose any friends. Just how I like to keep it.


Yeah. Different set of cards to the usual ones though. Variety is the spice of etc.

Don’t know

naughty nude cards, gotcha.

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Some of these ones are distressingly booby, tbf. Awful scenes.

Mate it’s 4pm on a friday!

Left things on kind of a sour note with one mate a while back and havent spoken since. Made one new friend!!!

Made a few new ones. A couple have passed away. The past year has been a bit hectic and I haven’t been able to see some of them as much as I want - hopefully this year will be better.

Had no friends. Still don’t.

checks facebook


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lost best friend to cancer, not made any new ones.


  • BIG BAD EX BF who broke my heart and then ghosted me a year later when we were insanely close best friends… yeah we’re now friends again. seems incredible that it would ever be possible for us to be JUST FRIENDS, but that’s where we are now, which is lovely
  • friend’s fiance - theyve been together for ages but didn’t really know her well, but she’s now an established part of the friendship group and i actually like her more than the friend :')


  • friend of a few years who randomly turned on me in May and has dedicated an inordinate amount of her time and energies towards slandering me/my friends, sabotaging my/their work (hacking accounts and suchlike), threatening to sue us, publicly starting drama for no reason and making the general atmosphere tense and toxic… it’s been hellish. she’s not mentally well and i do hope she gets better, but i’m not a saint - she’s massively soured nearly a year of my life, so she can go liberally fuck herself tbh. i mean she’s done a really shit job of establishing me as the villain and has ended up completely isolating herself, but that makes her fight against it even more and then alienate more people. vicious circle. sad!

A couple to play penoid board games with and eat at restaurants that cater to the dude’s many allergies (he used to work with the TV)
Some nice people from a Facebook group for local 20/30-something women who want to make friends with other women (not a euphemism). Wouldn’t call them friends yet but there’s time
Made a concerted effort to meet people last year so I’m gonna keep doing that this year

None this year

Yeah lost a couple, just people who I always inititated contact with and realised they never did and so left it and then six months had gone by. Got to me at first but not arsed now.

Not really made any bar George at work. He’s sound though

Gained loads from just being more involved in music and going to more shows more often. Although the line between acquaintance and friend is harder to judge in London than other places, I reckon there’s easily about 10-20 more people I could visit for a cuppa and a chat since last year and I suppose that’s what counts.

Haven’t lost any as far as I’m aware but I probably feel more distant to my university friends than ever before - usually try and meet up at least twice a year but LOADS of them are busy starting families or moving further afield, last time I saw them was a wedding last January :frowning2:

I’m terrible at making new friends I get anxious in social situations.

But I made a few this year, all friends of the friend I go to football with as they all got season tickets earlier in the year. Went to Wembley with them and we now meet for drinks before football.

Didn’t lose any but I’ve been terrible at keeping in contact with some as it felt like I was the one always contacting them. Kinda given up.

Made: several new ones - one is the most amazing person ever :heart:

Lost: quite distant to several. One is being a bit of knob and didn’t tell me he was moving to Edinburgh, found out through another mate. He didn’t even bother saying goodbye. Dick.

love that no one has mentioned the autocorrect mistake in the title of this thread.